Adamante Server

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Adamante Server

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Adamante Server


Adamante is a build server for everyone, fun is guaranteed! Currently, the server has up to 6 people online at the same time, all friendly.


Admins: WilLiam12 and Nigel.
Moderators: PequenoGamer, Pandinha and JuanjoPM.


1- Do not swear at other players.
2- No grieff.
3- Do not do racism or homophobia.
4- Don't ask for admin privs.
5- Do not ask for items for admins. You must get your own things. :P
6- Do not abuse caps lock.


Here, we have quality mods, so your fun is guaranteed. Professional modder mods to ensure that there are as few bugs as possible.
+ Spoiler

default privs: home, tp, shout, interact, salary

builder privs: home, tp, shout, interact, salary, fly, multihome

builder master privs: home, tp, shout, interact, salary, fly, multihome, fast

Don't ask for more privs. It depends on you to have something extra.
And don't worry! You don't have fast, but you can run with Stamina.


If you don't know him, Builder is a type of VIP that you earn depending on your maturity and responsibility. Be good to everyone and respect the rules that you can gain the trust of the admin, but the main thing, build well. The more you build, the more you collaborate with the server and you can be a Builder! Builder is a reward for the help and importance you have on the server.

Join us! We're all going to build, but ... it won't count if you just do everything to be one. It is worth the effort but for the reason of wanting to help the server, and not for the reason that you want to be recognized by everyone and have a good reputation. Make it worth it!

Adamante Server
(919.11 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Adamante Server
(416.63 KiB) Not downloaded yet
The entire Adamante team expects you to enjoy and have a lot of fun!

Name: [BR/EN] Adamante Server
Address / Port: 30000
Description: A fun build server. Plenty of blocks for anyone to build. Come and meet Adamante! Owner: WilLiam12

have fun. there is a lot of nice blocks for build. this is a builders server, if you like build house/tower/castle... this is a good server for your projects.


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