Check your or possible mts Hosting Company !

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Check your or possible mts Hosting Company !

by Festus1965 » Post

Yeah, I mean this like I write.

Maybe I can give some advice with following days ping checks, but it seam to depend a lot on the company you choose, what ping/rtt you might have.

If your interested in low ping for your worldwide ? server community some results might be interesting.

The reason about this today came up with my distance to Europe, the centralized ping from Netherlands and the building up of ...

Today I had about 330 ms to, where I have for years only 200, 220 or 240 ms. As I read in their forum, they seam to change on a own backbone network, and later that day I was back with login at 242 ms.

BUT, there are some minetest server, that are also located in Germany, but "Faster"
* Nico's Survival Server Frankfurt, Germany with 195 ms
and some "slower"
* Tech Age Survival [DE] Germany, Thuringen with 240 ms today, 251 ms end of June
* Wildes Land 2 Germany, Karlsruhe with 280 today (seam also netcups), normal 240 ms

Up to 50 ms (or near 25%) difference ping/rtt from a far distance like from here in Thailand is a lot !

So watch about what provider you might pick up.

I had 2 mails to and back from netcup, as I was asking what they changed, but as I am not using them as provider, there and thoose people hosting there ... problem.

I might be able to make some list of the here used provider with mts, and there pings ... later.
The more closed and connected to big bones like DIX the faster they are also ... as my map show Milan, London and Frankfurt are lower ping, than a lot not listed more nearby server by country (Japan, India, EastEurope)
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