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[Server] Student Project Server

by Mineraptor » Post

Two years ago, there was a student project to develop minetest mods. This project was repeated this year.

Here is the server of my group:
Adress: oristano.tcs.ifi.lmu.de
Port: 30030

The server is mostly intended to showcase and focus on the mods created by me and my team members. as such the server is mostly Vanilla+, with only few additional mods.
Currently, the server has 3 major custom mini-mods:
  • Super Markov Plant: Markov-chain based plants that can be used to get reliable access to dyes. Their growth also depends on how they are cared for as watering them can temporarily speed up their growth, while fertilizer prevents them from withering.
  • Cavewritings: A text generator mod, that generates automatic stories written by cavemen in locations that are protected from the elements. Depending on the content of the stories, different loot ranging from basically worthless to valuable can be found.
  • Nordlichter (Northern Lights): A world generator mod, that spawns northern lights in cold biomes. The northern lights themselves serve as mini-dungeons that have precious jewels at the centre. While the northern lights aren't difficult to spot, they are not quite as easy to reach due to their elevation, but also their changing surface area and hostile mobs guarding them.
Aside from these, there are also some minor mini-mods on the server, like a climbable scaffolding block that disappears after a certain amount of time and a colour-changing disco block.

I hope you all enjoy our work and am looking forward to any feedback on both the mods and the server.

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