where to rent a server

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where to rent a server

by kabajau » Post


I was thinking of renting a server (virtual or dedicated) to host minetest on and I was wondering about what specs (ram, cpu) it should have for up to 200 Players being able to play simultaneously, or if you guys know any providers with a good price performance ratio?

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Re: where to rent a server

by sorcerykid » Post

I've been leasing a private server with XLHost since 2016. I ordered from their discount rack. The price, reliability, and quality has been top notch. I can honestly say in the past four years I've never had any downtime.

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Re: where to rent a server

by Yvanhoe » Post

200 players is a lot. The servers I am going to start lagging around 40 but when I asked the admins they said it was a cheap VPS.

I usually host things at OVH, which is cheap for hosting. I did not check their high performance offers but I was told it is pretty competitive.

If you want to save on performance, understand what costs resources. Some mods are expensive in that respect. also IIRC, map generation is a usual suspect. Be careful of the mapgen mods you install.

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Re: where to rent a server

by Bastrabun » Post

My go-to address when it comes to renting servers is contabo. German company with a datacenter in Nuremberg and with another hosting site in USA, MO.

That's them: https://contabo.com/

No guarantee that their machines will be able to keep up with 200 players though at a reasonable price. You may want to ask NASA or the NSA to provide you with a suitable machine :D

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