[Server] Juneland Survival [5.3.0]

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[Server] Juneland Survival [5.3.0]

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Juneland Survival: juneland.fr:30001
Website: https://juneland.fr (French)

Survival server oriented for trading in the first libre currency with universal dividend, the Ğ1 (pronounce Jüne) ("libre" is French for free as in freedom). You can exchange cryptocurrency and in-game coins, and trade game items.

Who said that digilines was not meant for survival? Here we build farming machines, crafting machines and vending machines! Join us and create a store!

  • currency
  • ethereal, asteroids, magma_conduits, other_worlds
  • technic, pipeworks, mesecons, digilines, digistuff
  • moreblocks, moreores, moretrees
  • farming_redo, farming_ng, drug_wars
  • nssm, mobs_animal, mobs_monster, xocean, water_life
  • advtrains, travelnet
  • homedecor, basic_signs
  • locks, protector, chesttools
  • inventory_plus, hunger_ng, skins
  • and more!
I will add more cool mods, and suggestions are welcome. I try to keep them up to date permanently.

We speak English and French. Server located in France.

We have also a creative server, juneland.fr:30000, with mostly the same mods.

Admins: tuxmain, attilax

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