Status: Boomtown (GameBoom's server)

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Status: Boomtown (GameBoom's server)

by ghostshell » Fri Apr 05, 2013 08:11

Short intro... Gameboom is one of the longest running Minetest servers (since version 0.2.x). We had amazing creations by our users but most were decimated by griefers. This resulted in a number of changes to try to avoid the same issue (griefing).

Goals of new world:
1- Move to an economy-based world
2- No admins, no give, no teleport (nothing that will give anyone a special advantage)
3- No user bans

Current status: we are testing a new economy modpack which uses banking, commerce and landclaims.

Banking allows users to exchange gold, silver and copper into credits using bank ATMs. Credits can then be used to purchase goods from AVM's (auto vending machines), including landclaim blocks and teleports. These features are already in place and are being tested.

Planned features for economy: real estate (to sell landclaims with buildings), taxes (for those with many landclaims).

Other world plans: police mod, prison mod (to keep griefers locked up), port of minecraft potion/brewing, quest mod (ie., dangerous mobs to use as quests)

Feel free to join us and help test our mods before we go public.

Server: Port: 30000
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