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PVP Server Idea

by Nubelite » Post

I am jotting down some ideas for setting up a server focused on pvp fun, mini games and such. I am looking for input from the community on setup and mod ideas.

Multiple minigames where players can pvp against each other. capture the flag, boat battles if its possible, air ship battles if possible, arena match and so on. anyone can make their own game.

Minimal Mods - include mods that wouldnt drag down the server to much but have enough that would make it really fun.

Have towns where people can build a house and build shops in. a community mine - thjs would be a non pvp area.



PVP:designated pvp areas, Arenas.

Safe zones: Town and none arena areas.

Town: will be setup with the community mine, roads and lots of land for sale that any new player can purchase.

Community mine: will only go down to steel. players can dig it down further.

Wilderness: the wilderness is the outside of town where anything can be built anywhere.


Server Setup

Default Privs: Interact, shout, fast(with modified speed reduction), Money

Node Owner - might modify for shared ownership.
Arrow Signs
Farming Plus
More Ores
Random Ores - might need some modification.
Fissure System
More Trees
Item Drop
world time
Magic Staff
Jail - would like to use this for auto town pvp protection.
Jumping will remove trampoline and keep just the pad.
Unified Inventory

if anyone has any input this would be great.
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