can someone host a server?

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can someone host a server?

by ndjdjksisksk » Sat Aug 31, 2013 22:47

hi i hve a mobile hotspot and i was wondering if sonone wanted to host a survival server i have it all set up but it needs to be on the internet here is the world and the mods are on the world mods folder (don't do anything with th e worldmods folder it will load. so can i have some help. EDIT i need someone to make a world then put theese mods:

dead_drop9take out the bones mod)
item drop
3darmor and inventory plus
server exteneded
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nvm about me leaving minetest but i probably will for a while because i have nothing to do in this comunity becaise i can't make a server. my username is going to change i will make a new acount called stormchaser3000

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