[0.4.7 git] Megaf ARM RPi MINIMAL Server (Raspberry Pi)

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[0.4.7 git] Megaf ARM RPi MINIMAL Server (Raspberry Pi)

by Megaf » Post

Hi all, many of you may know me from IRC and my main server, the Megaf Server.
I have now a test server with really minimal stuff running on a Raspberry Pi with 256 MB of ram, it tool a while to compile it.
Pretty much standard settings, just using the minimal game. Give it a try and let me know what do you think about it.

0.4.7-Megaf-RPi minimal v6
Megaf ARM RPi MINIMAL Server
Raspberry Pi Absolutely minimal server

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by Sokomine » Post

It would be more intresting if you where to run the normal game on it instead of minimal. Perhaps mapgen - something which makes even faster machines run at 100% sometimes - ought to be mostly eliminated. You could use a very simple mapgen or pre-generate large parts of the world on a faster machine.

It would be intresting to see how a creative server with a flat map like ShadowNinjas server and with some selected mods aimed at building (moreblocks, homedecor) would manage. Flat areas invite players to build and reduce load for map generation. Creative mode reduces the complexity needed at mapgen time even further.
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