[DOWN]Phitherek_' s experimental Minetest server

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[DOWN]Phitherek_' s experimental Minetest server

by Phitherek_ » Tue Jan 28, 2014 18:25


I want to announce that I am now running an experimental server at phitherek.mooo.com, port: 8876. Experimental means it is hosted on a free VPS service and presumably cannot handle much players.

Software version
Currently runs Minetest Server Git version from 27.01.2013.

For security reasons, the only initial privilege is shout. E-mail, Jabber or PM me regarding interaction and other privileges.

Default password
The server is protected with default password. E-mail, Jabber or PM me to obtain it.

Game mode

- mesecons
- beds
- snowdrift
- protector
- monorail
- craft_guide
- mobs (due to performance)

- Do NOT alter nor destroy spawnpoint location and surroundings
- Do NOT alter nor destroy admin' s (my) place - for your own sake
- Respect others' work
- As I have now control of user privileges, not applying to the rules will get you banned.

The server is now DOWN due to lack of memory on VPS.
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