[Guide] Create and maintain a server on Windows

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Re: [Guide] Create and maintain a server on Windows

by bosapara » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:43

Enrikoo wrote:
bosapara wrote:
Enrikoo wrote:I think I have a problem on announcing my server on the serverlist, i set

Check your firewall, i had a similar problem.

Shall I turn firewall off for server?
Tell me what you did so I can do this too.

Firstly add port which you use and server (minetest.exe) to white list in 'brandmauer'.

If you use firewall or antivirus, do the same. Here you can find pics with explaining

PS Don't turn off your firewall, It is not safe

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Re: [Guide] Create and maintain a server on Windows

by Enrikoo » Mon Sep 23, 2019 16:16

How do I whitelist my game so that I can announce my server?

But where to add port?

How can I find my own port?

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Re: [Guide] Create and maintain a server on Windows

by Visitor247 » Tue Jan 07, 2020 17:30

I have to find out why nobody can connect to the minetest server from outside.
I guess the problem is on the main server, but I try to eliminate errors. So…

– Minetest is running on a PC in my school. I started it via CMD on a Windows 10 PC. Users from the local network can connect and play without problems, by inserting the IP of the PC in the server field.
– I ordered the company running the main server to create a subdomain and point it to the IP the minetest server is running on. Also port 30000 should be opened.

Am I correct in assuming that I don't need to add any server related lines to the minetest.conf if the server should not be announced?
That would mean, if somebody knows the subdomain they should be able to connect to the minetest server from a client outside the domain by typing in the subdomain, right?

If this is correct, is there anything important about minetest, other than opening port 30000, I could tell the server company to get the forwarding working?


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