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Re: [Mod] X-Decor [git] [xdecor]

by Festus1965 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 01:57

Chem871 wrote:I don't think xdecor is pipeworks-compatible, not every mod is.

Thanks for the fast replay,
that answer should go onto the injector,

but a robot is able to dig, and take ..., not sure if that might be free of pipeworks needed. Or I have to change the hive and add an pipe, haha ... ok, getting more closed to the solution, but still do not have one.

I changed the store inside from 16 to 99, that solves a basic problem at all first.

Yes, I have seen the solution below, I check it, Thanks
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Re: [Mod] X-Decor [git] [xdecor] - take out honey from Hive

by hajo » Mon Jan 15, 2018 02:51

Festus1965 wrote:How to get out the honey from the hive ? (artificial hive)
* tried Robot, take.down("xdecor:honey") ... not work

The hive has no inventory "main", so you need to specify its name, "honey".

This works, e.g. at my Robo-Farmer:
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n=read_node.forward(); --say(n)
if n=="xdecor:hive" then 
  say("get honey")
  take.forward("xdecor:honey".." 2","honey")

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Re: [Mod] X-Decor [git] [xdecor]

by PolySaken » Wed Feb 14, 2018 20:36

jas wrote:You don't. Or, at least, I don't, and I can report that on last check this worked for me. What versions of Minetest and X-Decor are you using?

When I try to load a world, it doesn't work, but if I go back in after damaging a tool, it does. Latest ver of both, mod and game.

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Re: [Mod] X-Decor [git] [xdecor]

by scottwolff » Wed Feb 14, 2018 22:05

I enjoy this mod. I use it currently on my server.
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