[Mod] mymillwork [mymillwork]

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Re: [Mod] mymillwork [mymillwork]

by Don » Post

Damned wrote:Have you thought about using, or making a different model than the milling machine at the top of the page?

When you think of columns and decorative stone work, you think more of the classical world. Roman, Egyptian, Greek. Perhaps a better model would be a stone masons bench. Or maybe both with a timer as carving by hand is slower than machine. A stone masons bench would also fit better as most objects tend to based around medieval times.
I like the idea. I do not have time right now to make anything. Would you want to make the machine?
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Re: [Mod] mymillwork [mymillwork]

by Damned » Post

To be honest, I suffer from depression, so I find it very hard to stay focused on anything. As I've never done anything like this before, with the learning curve I'd proberbly never finish it. Maybe there's somebody out there that's eager to try modeling, after all that's all what's really needed to start. After a quick browse, modern stonemasons just seem to use a stone slab on a wooden frame. It's proberbly been like that since the greeks and Egyptians. So basically a stone table with maybe a mallet and chisel motif to identify it. With a recipe of:
stone slab, stone slab, stone slab
stick, wooden slab, stick
nil, nil, nil

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Re: [Mod] mymillwork [mymillwork]

by VanessaE » Post

I decided to take another look at this mod. It looks like it might be a good candidate for Dreambuilder now that I think about it, but like a number of other mods I've looked at, nodeboxes are obsolete for the way they're used here (curves/angles). Please consider switching to mesh nodes.
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Re: [Mod] mymillwork [mymillwork]

by Grizzly Adam » Post

I like the very white ceiling trim. What material was used to make it that colour?
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Re: [Mod] mymillwork [mymillwork]

by captpete » Post

Doesn't work in 4.16 and there is NO TABLE at the top of millwork.lua. Am I supposed to copy and paste the "local material" section from README.md somewhere? Exactly where (lineno. please).

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Re: [Mod] mymillwork [mymillwork]

by laza » Post

I started changing the mod to mesh nodes. I also want to support more materials.

Download - mymillwork


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Re: [Mod] mymillwork [mymillwork]

by TumeniNodes » Post

laza wrote:I started changing the mod to mesh nodes. I also want to support more materials.

Download - mymillwork

Very nice. This is a lot of work.
I think Don would be happy to see this
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Re: [Mod] mymillwork [mymillwork]

by CalebJ » Post

Some screenshots of the extent of laza's incredible fork of this mod. Thanks, laza!
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