[Mod] Notifying Doorbell [notifying_doorbell]

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[Mod] Notifying Doorbell [notifying_doorbell]

by indriApollo » Tue Jan 13, 2015 21:23

A minetest mod that adds a doorbell which notifies you who and where someone is ringing at your door.


This is a modification of the homedecor_modpack doorbell by Vanessa Ezekowitz (https://github.com/VanessaE/homedecor_modpack)

Howto : Right click on the door bell to ring or modify its name if you are the owner.

Recipe : default:steel_ingot - default:steelblock - default:steel_ingot

Depends : default

Download : https://github.com/indriApollo/notifyin ... master.zip

Installation : Unzip the file and rename it to "notifying_doorbell". Then move it to the mod directory.

Licenses :

Sources : Github

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Re: [Mod] notifying_doorbell

by jp » Tue Jan 13, 2015 21:26

Well, in fact the original model & texture for the HomeDecor's doorbell are made by me, but that's fine ;)

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Re: [Mod] notifying_doorbell

by Dartmouth » Wed Feb 04, 2015 16:09

Yay, finally :)
This should be merged into homedecor, would be a lot easier ;) maybe don't replace the original bell, but add this one as a second doorbell?

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