[mod]Nyancats plus[nyancats_plus]

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[mod]Nyancats plus[nyancats_plus]

by red » Post

I was playing the game when I notice that there are not many uses for nyancats and nyancat rainbows even when you find them, so I decied that I will make a mod that adds uses for nyancat.
So far the mod only adds tool but I am planning to change that soon.


You can craft 9 rainbow shards from one nyancat rainbow. Use these to craft tools. The tools will be unbreakable.

The code is license under WTFPL.(Link to license)

The textures for all the pickaxe, the axe, shovel and sword are licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and based on textures by BlockMen(Link to license)

The texture for the hoe is based on a texture by BlockMen and licensed under CC BY 3.0(Link to license)

download here
(22.19 KiB) Downloaded 271 times
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Re: Nyancats_plus

by programmingchicken » Post

Nice! I love how this adds functionality to the nyancat!
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Re: [mod]Nyancats plus[nyancats_plus]

by red-001 » Post

I sadly lost access to this account. I am planning to develop this mod a little bit more. I am now hosting it on Github at https://github.com/red-001/nyancats_plus.

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