[MOD] more_material_tools [0.2][more_material_tools]

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[MOD] more_material_tools [0.2][more_material_tools]

by davidthecreator » Mon Jun 22, 2015 23:41

i made a mod that adds a bunch of tools of materials that never ever were used for tools (some might be used)
so it adds:
cactus tools :slightly better than wood wery light and harmfull in combat LITTERALY
brick tools: theyre super heavy and that makes them cause a lot of dammage to entities and nodes but theyre slow in combat and breaks wery fast
copper tools:almost same as iron but a little slower at mining and a little less durable but kinda light too
obsidian tools: super strong in combat and mining, wery hard to break and fast enough in combat
aditional tool: copper shortsword: low range but fast deals 5 dammage and also it has no crafting recipe its in case you install this mod on a server and want players to get it as a starting weapon using give_inital_stuff
all of the tools comes in 4 types :pickaxes, swords, axes and shovels. no hoes
all tool recipies goes the same way as default (except obsidian) and requires:
default:cactus (cactus) for cactus tools
default:copper_ingot (copper ingot) for copper tools
default:caly_brick (brick) for brick tools

obsidian tool recipes: x-nothing o-obsidian s-obsidian shard L-lava bucket

sword: o

pickaxe: ooo

shovel: o

axe: oo

this mod also adds cactus sticks used as any other sticks

textures and code are under : WTFPL
mod works with MT 0.4.12
depends: default, bucket.

0.1 v download
(58.93 KiB) Downloaded 80 times


--------------new update---------------

apple tools: a little better than wood at mining and rather week but fast in combat
glass tools: same a copper tools but breaks fast and is wery strong and light in combat

depends are the same as before

0.2 v download
(84.16 KiB) Downloaded 227 times

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Re: [MOD] more_material_tools [0.1][more_material_tools]

by cd2 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:15

looks interesting :D
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Re: [MOD] more_material_tools [0.1][more_material_tools]

by Krock » Tue Jun 23, 2015 17:49

Why do the cactus tools not have wooden handles?
It's not very enjoyable to touch cactus.

My suggestions are not about the mod, they're about how the topic is written:
- Write keywords bold, such as "License", "Depends" etc. That way it's much easier to find the most important information.
- Correct some words like "mining wery hard". It will increase the acclaim for this mod.

But else - having some more tools in the game can't be bad. Good job!
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Re: [MOD] more_material_tools [0.1][more_material_tools]

by davidthecreator » Tue Jun 23, 2015 20:03

well atleast no more complains about not working image... and all other complains are fixed now
and about the cactus handles : this mod adds cactus sticks so people lost in deserts will probably use cactus sticks instead of wooden

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