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Forum information and guidelines

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This forum is meant only for mod release topics. You may discuss about mods in their topics.

Posting a mod:

You post your mod in the WIP Mods category according to these guidelines, and post a request in Topic Move Requests. A moderator will move it into here if the post is correctly formatted. This is because some people provably make crap topics and do not care about the rules at all.

If you already have an old thread for your mod, you should fix it according to this and post in Topic Move Requests.
  • A [Mod] posted in here can contain multiple closely related mods (eg. the animals mod). In case there are multiple, the main modname should be included in the subject.
  • A [Modpack] is something that contains completely different kinds of mods.
Subject of topic must be in one of these formats:
  • [Mod] <Mod Name> [<modname>]
  • [Mod] <Mod Name> [<version number>] [<modname>]
  • [Modpack] <Name>
  • [Modpack] <Name> [<version number>]
  • [Mod] More Blox [0.1] [moreblox]
  • [Modpack] The Awesome Modpack
Post must contain at least:
  • Description of mod (can be short or long)
  • License of code (preferably LGPLv2.1+ as is Minetest) (must be compatible with LGPLv2.1 if inclusion to upstream is desired: LGPL, BSD, CC0, WTFPL) (See end of post for more info)
  • License of textures and sounds (preferably eg. CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA or WTFPL) (Public Domain is NOT a license.)
  • Mod dependencies; if there are none, write "Mod dependencies: none".
  • If modpack: authors, release topics or websites of all mods in the modpack (when exists)
  • Download link - a .zip file, containing the mod folder(s) (not only the contents of it/them)
Also, preferably:
  • List of crafting recipes
  • A screenshot or a few
  • GitHub/whatever link
  • Whatever you think is relevant
A minimal example:

Subject: [Mod] More Blox [0.1] [moreblox]

Adds tens of random useless blocks.

Code: LGPLv2.1+, textures: CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported

Mod dependencies: default

Download: More Blox 0.1

Releasing a new version of a mod:

Always do this in the existing topic of the mod. It is recommended to update the first post, but leave old download links available, and also post a release notice in the topic.

Disallowed licenses

The use of licenses which do not allow derivatives or redistribution is not permitted. This includes CC-ND (No-Derivatives) and most other non-free licenses. The use of licenses which discriminate between groups of people or forbid the use of the content on servers or singleplayer is also not permitted.

More about licenses

If a mod is to be included in the main game, it's code needs to be relicensable under LGPLv2.1+, and textures/sounds under CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported, as the main game is released under those licenses. Notably, CC0 (for anything), BSD (for code) are perfectly compatible with this. Notably, LGPLv3+ and GPLv3+ for code is not compatible with this.

Public domain is not allowed as a license because jurisdiction about what "public domain" means varies between countries. Release your work under CC0 instead (or also).

Schools hate WTFPL due to its choice of words. It is preferable to use CC0 instead.

Note: These guidelines should probably be updated to recommend the 4.0 version of CC licenses and to say that WTFPL may equal public domain in practice.
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