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Re: [Mod] Unified Inventory [git][unified_inventory]

by Fauxtonic » Post

The other day the mod started to act up.

Normally when you click shift + left mouse click on a stack, the entire stack would move from my inventory to, say, a box. Even if the stack was more than 99, say 200, all 200 would move. Not any more. Now, when I left click on a stack consisting of more than 99 items, only 99 items is moved.

I also can't craft any more. Only four of the 9 slots can be occupied. Slots 1, 2, 4, & 5 can be occupied. But the entire third column and the bottom row cannot. When I try to place something from inventory into any of these slots, the items automatically go back into my inventory.

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Re: [Mod] Unified Inventory [git][unified_inventory]

by SFENCE » Post


Is there a way, how to add the recipe of the item in group not_in_creative_inventory to unified inventory?

II am creating a mod that uses some nodes like the stage of crafting and I am trying to add craft recipes to unified inventory. But I don't want these stage nodes to be available in the creative inventory.

By experimenting, it looks that if I use unified_inventory.register_craft to register crafts recipe for nodes in group not_in_creative_inventory, it has no effect (no recipe is shown in craft guide) while I remove the target node from not_in_creative_inventory group.

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