[Mod] Green Screen 1.0 [greenscreen]

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[Mod] Green Screen 1.0 [greenscreen]

by Glory! » Post

This mod adds "green screens" to minetest. Full bright single colour nodes.
Comes in black, grey and white, and red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple.
Available only in creative mode. More (real life usage) info here. Wikipedia, Chroma key

+ Spoiler
No crafting recipes.
Hints, and colour hex codes included.
License: Do What The **** You Want To Public License version 2.0.

Using this mod extensively and continuosly may cause sore eyes.
Please take breaks when using it.
Greenscreen 1.0.2
(31.73 KiB) Downloaded 97 times
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Re: [Mod] Green Screen 1.0 [greenscreen]

by Linuxdirk » Post

That’s actually pretty useful when you want to create crop-outs of your character or other in-game items.

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Re: [Mod] Green Screen 1.0 [greenscreen]

by Sokomine » Post

Can be useful in particular for showing nodes from a mod. There's usually far too much distracting background (although that may sometimes be of intrest to players as well). Nice mod!
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Re: [Mod] Green Screen 1.0 [greenscreen]

by Christian_Soldier » Post

This is really cool. It's just like another green-screen mod except it has more colors.
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Re: [Mod] Green Screen 1.0 [greenscreen]

by Blockhead » Post

I just wanted to thank you for creating this mod because it's been super useful for creating screenshots of stuff from advtrains to put on a transparent background! :)

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