[Mod] Teaching Mathematics [teaching]

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[Mod] Teaching Mathematics [teaching]

by sfan5 » Post

Teaching Mathematics

Showcase video

This mod offers nodes with the numbers 0 - 9, letters and basic mathematical operations for calculation tasks. The solution checking node can be configured to output a reward for a correct answer.

To get access to the teacher features, grant yourself the privilege "teacher" and you will be able to edit the solution checker. Players without the "teacher" privilege (students) will only be able to break blocks outside of an environment with lab blocks. Additionally there's a Allow-dig block which allows students to dig the block above it.

The support for answers of multiple digits and complete words does not exist yet. Pull requests are welcome.

License: MIT
Dependencies: none
Download: Newest version ZIP file
Source code: GitHub
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Re: [Mod] teaching [teaching]

by snowflake » Post

I got a lua error , in 4.13 minetest

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Re: [Mod] teaching [teaching]

by azekill_DIABLO » Post

i'm doing maths in minetest.........

nice mod

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Re: [Mod] teaching [teaching]

by Don » Post

Many of my mods are now a part of Minetest-mods. A place where you know they are maintained!

A list of my mods can be found here

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Re: [Mod] teaching [teaching]

by cd2 » Post

cool :D
You should add something like information blocks (like signs).

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Re: [Mod] teaching [teaching]

by ManElevation » Post

lol my parent tell me to do maths, well no i can in minetest ;)
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Re: [Mod] teaching [teaching]

by christoferlevich » Post

Am I doing something wrong?

the layout of a math problem should be, for example:

1 + 2 = 3 (added as answer)
lab deco lab deco check

If the answer is correct and the checking block configured it should spit an item out, right?

Also, is the checking box and the block placed over it the only relevant pieces to the actual function? If so, then the checking block can also be used for multiple choice answers, yes?
Oooops! I realized I was trying to test the application of the mod in server mode which meant it did not matter who I logged in as - the checking block would open the settings form spec. This mod will single handedly make my 'school' possible... thank you!
everything can be a learning experience...

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