[Mod] Subspace Walker Tool [subspacewalker]

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Re: [Mod] Subspace Walker Tool (subspacewalker)

by bell07 » Tue Jan 30, 2018 20:31

You mean the usual nodes like dirt and stone instead of "subspacewalker:subspace" ? I cannot recommend it because after "dirt" is placed you cannot proper track the reversal to the previous node.
At the time an ABM is used on "subspacewalker:subspace" that check if the node needs to be converted back and convert it. This method is save even on system crash during active subspace. After restart the previous node can still restored, the old information is inside the node metadata.
hm... The ABM way could work in theory with limited "compatible nodes", the ABM needs to check if "subspace"-nodemeta exists. But still not recommended because the ABM is called for each dirt node, not for the subspace only.
An other issue happens if you use the usual nodes: If a node is in "dirt subspace" and you removes the dirt node, the metadata gets lost and you cannot restore previous node.

By the way, I added a "issue" on gihub as note, to move from ABM's to nodetimers. The nodetimers can only work if you modify the node definition of "compatible nodes", i still cannot recommend. :-(

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Re: [Mod] Subspace Walker Tool (subspacewalker)

by RSLRedstonier » Tue Jan 30, 2018 21:08

I was just thinking because I have wanted to make a highly advanced machine for skytest that will recreate parts of the world, or at least large chunks of randomly placed blocks in a set list(most likely dirt stone sand and ores)
I figured it probably wouldn't be to hard to use a similar method that this uses(maybe even derive it from this tool)
the blocks only need to be placed once and override all existing nodes that are currently occupying that space, not track and revert them later
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