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[Modpack] Help [1.3.0] [doc]

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 21:33
by Wuzzy
In-game help about gameplay basics, items and potentionally any other topic of interest. Highly extensible.

The goal of this modpack is to make using Minetest and mods easier for both newcomers and advanced users.
It makes it easier for newcomers by making help more accessible.
It makes life easier for advanced user by making it more convenient to use, by centralizing the help where you most need it: Inside the game.
This modpack will also make modder's life easier by allowing them to add help texts directly into mods (see more about this below).

Mod list
  • Basic Help [doc_basics]: Help entries about Minetest, controls, gameplay and other basic topics
  • Item Help [doc_items]: Help entries for items (blocks, tools, weapons, crafting items, other items)
  • Encyclopedia [doc_encyclopedia]: Item to access the help
  • Lookup Tool [doc_identifier]: Tool to identify and show entries for pointed things
  • Documentation System [doc]: User interface and core API. Allows mods to add help entries and categories of practically anything
See also: Minetest Game item help (highly recommended if you play Minetest Game)


+ Spoiler
Basic concepts

The help is very simply organized:
  • The help is organized in entries which can be formatted quite freely
  • Categories group multiple entries together
  • For gameplay reasons (e.g. to avoid spoilering), certain entries can be hidden to be revealed later
How to use
To open the help, …
  • Use the encyclopedia item,
  • or click on the question mark button in one of the mods Unified inventory, Inventory++, or Simple Fast Inventory Buttons.
  • Or use the command “/helpform”.
The rest should be relatively self-explanatory. Just click through the categories and entries.

In the list of entries, entries which you haven't viewed yet are in cyan. Some entries may be hidden and could be revealed later. Whenever you revealed a new item, a sound is played. Players with the help_reveal privilege can use the command “/help_reveal” to reveal all entries instantly.

Help pages for items are revealed as soon as you: Punch them, mine them, craft them, carry them in your inventory, or use the lookup tool on then.


A simple item to open the help. Just wield and leftclick.
+ Spoiler
Lookup Tool
The lookup tool is a simple tool which shows an appropriate help entry for all or almost all pointable things. It will also automatically reveal the help entries of previously unknown items.
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Additional information
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+ Spoiler
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Download and stuff

Documentation System modpack release information

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 21:55
by Wuzzy
Hi everyone! For those who already know the Documentation System, here I give you some information about the new modpack and what is new, as compared to the previous version of the individual mods.

For those who are new to this Documentation System, you can safely ignore the this post. The post above has everything you need to know.

This modpack is a re-organization of the previously released mods [doc], [doc_items] and [doc_identifier].
Also, this is the first public release of the mod doc_basics, a mod which includes basic help texts for Minetest. See the first post for a screenshot.

Also, this is the release of version 0.7.0 of each of those mods. I will eventully phase out the existing threads of the individual mods and request to move them to the Old Mods subforum. Please do not continue posting your questions in those threads.

The mods are still very modular, like before. I chose to release a modpack because I think this makes installation for the most likely use case much easier. There is no real reason why a player would not want the item help when also installing the core mod.

And here is the changelog from the previous versions:

Documentation System (initial modpack release notes):
  • [doc], [doc_items] and [doc_identifier] re-released as a modpack
  • New mod [doc_basics] for gameplay basics
  • Licensed under MIT License
Note that the Minetest Game item help [doc_minetest_game] is still released as a standalone mod because it is specific to Minetest Game.

Documentation System core [doc]:
  • You can now add an arbitrary number of categories
  • Further refined the API documentation
  • Define the boundaries of entry widgets
  • It is now documented and supported to receive callbacks from widgets you add into entries. For example, you could add a button in an entry, and it could actually do something (you should read the API docs, however)
  • Fix mod not working with intllib and mod security enabled at once
  • Entry selection is now (hopefully) reliably saved and restored when you click through the tabs, buttons and lists, instead of randomly jumping around
  • Fix bug in text template: The final line was lost
  • Show warning for entries without title
  • Fix version number not shown in error message
Sorry, the major feature for adding hyperlinks or references or something like that is still not there. It would be super-convenient if you could just click on a word or whatever in an entry and immediately see another entry. But I figured while this would be a great feature, it it not an essential one and I might end up releasing version 1.0.0 without links.
The main reason why this is still missing is because I have no real idea how to implement it in the actual user interface which is easily recognizable and usable. I think I may have to wait for Minetest to add a hyperlink-like feature on its own (because it doesn't have one yet). But if you have an idea on how to make it easier to go from entry to entry right now, please share it! Your suggestion will be appreciated. :-)

Item Documentation [doc_items]:
  • The API was greatly simplified: For adding a long item description, you only need to add an additional field to your item definition, which is IMO much more logical to do
  • Add setting to optionally show itemstring in entries
  • Rename some API functions (they were unused to my knowledge)
  • Simplify the mod API documentation a bit
  • Add screenshot
  • Add intllib support
  • Add German translation
  • Fix incorrect factoid regarding falling nodes
  • Fix some other small bugs
Most of the functions in doc.sub.items will eventually be phased out, do not use them.

Here's an example of the new recommended way to add help to simple items:

Code: Select all

minetest.register_node("example:dice", {
		description = "Example Dice",
		_doc_items_longdesc = "A huge wooden dice with the numbers 1-6, just for fun.",
		_doc_items_usagehelp = "Rightclick on a placed dice to “throw” it, which rotates it randomly.",
-- And so on ...
Also, because of the changed API, you can expect a re-release of many of my mods pretty soonish.

Modders: Please remember all mods in this Documentation System are still WIP. While you can of course try to add support, I do not yet guaranteed backwards-compability, so be prepared.

Lookup Tool [doc_identifier]:
  • Fix mod not working with mod security and intllib enabled at the same time
  • Compability with new doc_items version
  • Use “Sie” instead of “du” in German translation
Basic Help [doc_basics]:
And finally, here are some notes about the new mod, doc_basics:
This mod includes some help texts about Minetest itself. It contains the very basic features of Minetest, the controls, gameplay and other stuff which (mostly) holds true for pretty much all subgames and mods. This mod is still pretty incomplete and has some empty or incomplete entries. I plan to finish all pages for this mod for version 1.0.0 ofthis modpack.

Re: [Modpack] Documentation System [0.7.0]

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 20:17
by cHyper
when i enable intlib i got following error! when i delete intlib all works fine now!

Code: Select all

2016-11-18 21:05:30: ERROR[Main]: ModError: Failed to load and run script from D:\Users\chype\Documents\minetest x64\win64\bin\..\games\minetest_game\mods\awards\init.lua:
2016-11-18 21:05:30: ERROR[Main]: C++ exception
2016-11-18 21:05:30: ERROR[Main]: Siehe debug.txt für Details.
2016-11-18 21:06:09: [#0x38c0]: INFO: event_handler(): Ctrl+C, Close Event, Logoff Event or Shutdown Event, shutting down.

Re: [Modpack] Documentation System [0.7.0]

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 22:02
by Wuzzy
I am not convinced this bug is caused by Documentation System. Try to update your awards mod first.

Version 0.8.0 released!

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 23:40
by Wuzzy
Version 0.8.0 released! Updates (core mod [doc] only):

- Add function to sort categories
- Set a default order of categories
- Changed the mod icon
- Add low-resolution icon
- Fix bad screenshot size
- Copy-editing of the API documentation

New mod versions!

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 23:44
by Wuzzy
A new version of the modpack is there, with a new mod and updates to two mods!

New mod added: Encyclopedia [doc_encyclopedia].
This adds a simple encyclopedia item to access the documentation system by wielding and leftclick. Craft it with 6 sticks in a “D” shape (see 1st post).

Basic help [doc_basics]
The basic help has been greatly extended! Many entries now include images to illustrate the entries. Examples:

I also have rewritten most entries and added many new ones. I have put a lot of work in that mod lately. This means the basic help is now much more complete!

This is the current list of basic entries:
  • Minetest
  • Controls
  • Sneaking
  • Pointing
  • Items
  • Inventory
  • Hotbar
  • Tools
  • Blocks
  • Liquids
  • Mining
  • Building
  • Craft
  • Cooking
  • Groups
  • Players
  • Minimap
  • Camera
  • Settings
  • Glossary
  • Online resources
  • Introduction to online play (Very incomple entry)
  • Privileges
  • Commands
The basic help is still a bit of a work-in-progress and I still not 100% happy with the current texts and images. I try to make the entries so that it is convenient to look them up in-game while not being TOO much of a large wall of text. I hope with the illustrations the entries should be now much more visually pleasing. Still there is a lot of text. But my goal with this modpack is to provide a full in-game documentation and to replace the wiki for the most part.

I really wish Minetest would offer a way to highlight words or to otherwise format the text, it would improve readability a lot.

Feedback on the help entries in the categories “Basics” or “Online” is very much appreciated! (especially if you a NOT a pro Minetest player)

However, because of the added images, the mod has become significantly larger (>1 MiB). :-(
For singleplayer this is probably not a big deal but for servers this probably is. I will probably adding a server setting to disable images for reducing server load (if needed).

Updates to the core mod [doc] (version 0.9.0):
  • Add new gallery widget to add a scrollable image set to entries (arbitrary amounts of images are supported, number of images and image size can be set)
  • Add a new entry template which contains a text field and a simple gallery (used by doc_basics)
  • New parameter to build_formspec: playername

Re: [Modpack] Documentation System

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 14:31
by Spaghetti Developer
Very interesting! I 'very useful, because it is called the internal wiki to play, not to go out and search the web. I have to try this mod absolutely! I'd love an internal machining guide, and a list of game controls and the control of chatter in singleplayer and multiplayer, this thing is really useful. Thanks Wuzzy, you are a good modders :D

Re: [Modpack] Documentation System

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 16:17
by cHyper
maybe the download link is broken?

Re: [Modpack] Documentation System

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 18:29
by Wuzzy
Yeah, my hoster seems to have some problems lately. I have added a temporary mirror, please try it. I am so sorry that it is one of those crappy one-click hosters, I will replace it with something better if I find something.

I guess it is time to start looking for new hosters sooner or later. Sigh. :-(

New update!

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 01:50
by Wuzzy
Time for a new release of this modpack. A couple of mod updates are pouring in again!
I now consider the mods doc_encyclopedia and doc_identifier to be very stable and finished. There are 3 more mods to go until I officially release the whole modpack as version 1.0.0.

Basic Help [doc_basics] (0.1.0)
- Add category: Advanced usage
- Remove category: Online
- New help entries in category “Basics”: Quick start, Weapons
- New help entries in category “Advanced usage”: Coordinates, Console, Light, Movement modes
- Remove entry “Introduction to online play”
- Rewrite pretty much all of the help entries again, mostly to fix factual mistakes and typos and to simplify the texts as much as possible
- Apply a more or less logical entry order (hopefully)
- Add more images to a few help pages
- Add README file

Item Help [doc_items] (0.8.0)
- Fix crash when trying to parse unknown item
- Item entries now show their itemstring to all players with the “give” or “debug” privilege
- API: Extend custom factoid support to tools and craftitems (still only for groups so far)
- Change setting: The itemstring setting now allows to force the itemstring to be always displayed (regardless of privileges)
- Fix custom texts of air or hand not working anymore
- Spell-check README files

Encyclopedia [doc_encyclopedia] (1.0.0)
- Official 1.0.0 release!
- Add README file

Lookup Tool [doc_identifier] (1.0.0)
- Official 1.0.0 release!
- Rewrite README files and fix some mistakes in the contained texts

Core Framework [doc] (0.10.0):
- Allow gallery to display item images
- Update default category order
- Add support for sfinv_buttons (unreleased mod)
- Fix a leaking global variable

Note: A review of the help texts of the Basic Help (doc_basics) will be very much appreciated. Please tell me how well you think they could be understood.

Information for modders

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 15:11
by Wuzzy
For interested modders, I give some hints for you today to understand this modpack a bit better.
If you want to see the APIs in this modpack in action with other mods, just look at the mods which are already actively using this modpack to add their own help texts.

This is an (incomplete) list of mods which currently make use of the APIs to add more customized help:
Most of these mods add longer descriptions and an usage help for blocks and other items. I suggest you to start looking at the first mod [dice2] because it is very small. As another example, the flying carpet mod updates the entry on the flying carpet with a long explanation on how to use it. :-)
Please be aware this modpack is still officially a WIP, so there are no promises of not breaking stuff.

My goal in the long run is that it will be a standard practice among modders to add help texts for their mods. I suppose it will become especially valuable for complex mods or modpacks like Mesecons or Technic.

I am also announcing that I am going to delete a bunch of functions which weren't used anyway in the [doc_items] mod for the next release. Specifically, most functions in doc.sub.items will be gone. The mod now uses item definition fields for the interesting stuff like the long description or usage help. In the unlikely event that you already depended on this mod, please ask me in this thread for help for a smooth transition.

Finally, I will rename the modpack to “Help” in the next release. I think this name is much more obvious and simpler for the end user. The name “Documentation System” was too technical for my taste.
But the core mod [doc] will be called “Documentation System” again. Of course, the shortnames will not be changed.
Long story short:
- The entire modpack (and, by extension, the collection of all help entries) will be called “Help”.
- The core framework [doc] will be called “Documentation System”.

Re: [Modpack] Documentation System [0.10.0]

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 16:46
by cHyper
when I click on advanced usage, I get following error!

Code: Select all

2016-12-12 17:43:53: ERROR[Main]: ServerError: Lua: Runtime error from mod 'doc' in callback on_playerReceiveFields(): ...inetest x64\win64\bin\..\builtin\common\misc_helpers.lua:589: table index is nil
2016-12-12 17:43:53: ERROR[Main]: stack traceback:
2016-12-12 17:43:53: ERROR[Main]:       ...inetest x64\win64\bin\..\builtin\common\misc_helpers.lua:589: in function 'copy'
2016-12-12 17:43:53: ERROR[Main]:       ...4\win64\bin\..\games\minetest_game\mods\doc\doc\init.lua:849: in function 'get_sorted_entry_names'
2016-12-12 17:43:53: ERROR[Main]:       ...4\win64\bin\..\games\minetest_game\mods\doc\doc\init.lua:788: in function 'generate_entry_list'
2016-12-12 17:43:53: ERROR[Main]:       ...4\win64\bin\..\games\minetest_game\mods\doc\doc\init.lua:905: in function 'formspec_category'
2016-12-12 17:43:53: ERROR[Main]:       ...4\win64\bin\..\games\minetest_game\mods\doc\doc\init.lua:1010: in function <...4\win64\bin\..\games\minetest_game\mods\doc\doc\init.lua:974>
2016-12-12 17:43:53: ERROR[Main]:       ...ents\minetest x64\win64\bin\..\builtin\game\register.lua:412: in function <...ents\minetest x64\win64\bin\..\builtin\game\register.lua:392>
2016-12-12 17:43:53: ACTION[Main]: [doc] Server shuts down. Rescuing player data into
2016-12-12 17:43:53: ACTION[Main]: [doc] Wrote player data into C:\Users\chype\Documents\minetest x64\win64\bin\..\worlds\map dezi v7/

Re: [Modpack] Documentation System [0.10.1]

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 19:27
by Wuzzy
Whoops! I just uploaded a quick fix (version 0.10.1), I hope it works.

Re: [Modpack] Documentation System [0.10.1]

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 16:38
by cHyper
works fine ...

Version 0.11.0

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 02:11
by Wuzzy
It's time to go into the beta test phase of this modpack! Version 0.11.0 is now ready. I consider this version to be almost “feature complete”. Please test this modpack and report any bugs you find. Also report anything you find hard to understand. I too will perform some tests. If you're a modder, please take a look at the APIs and write your thoughts.

The modpack is now officially called “Help”. The core mod [doc] is now officially called as “Documentation System” again. The shortnames of all mods stay the same. I will keep the old modpack name in this thread name for a while.


- Renamed to “Help”

Documentation System [doc] (0.11.0):
- Renamed to “Documentation System”
- Fix incorrect counting of categories
- Tweak some user messages
- Change chat command names: Use “/helpform” to access the help and “help_reveal” to reveal all entreis
- Make background of text widgets fully black to make the text easier to read
- Increase overall size of the form to use as much screen space as possible
- Increase width of category buttons
- Bugfix: Player data was destroyed in many situations, resetting the list of read/revealed entries in the process
- Minor API documentation rewrite

Basic Help [doc_basics] (0.2.0):
- Rewrite the Mining entry to be more complete
- Fix crash when used without the doc_minetest_game mod
- Add intllib support (warning: the strings may still heavily change)

Item Help [doc_items] (0.9.0):
- Entries for mining tools now show number of uses
- Entries for mining tools now show digging times
- API: Add support for many more custom factoid types (basically just controls where in the text they're placed)
- API: _doc_items_durability to specify exact number of tool uses or describe it in text form
- Change entry sorting for tools and weapons: Sort the entry list roughly based on the tool's performance
- Fix bugs relating to air, hand and ignore items
- Custom help texts for hand, air or even ignore can be added by overwriting them
- API: Remove unused legacy functions


Encyclopedia [doc_encyclopedia] (1.1.0):
- Reflect the new modpack name

Lookup Tool [doc_identifier] (1.1.0):
- Reflect the new modpack name

I am not entirely happy with the way I tried to expose the mining information, and I especially am not happy with the use of my terminolgy. I feel the entry on Mining is way too hard to understand, and the mining times on the tool pages may not be self-explanatory. I think this is the last nontrivial feature I have to finish before release. If you have any suggestions on how to explain the rather complex mining system in simple terms, I would be very glad. If you can come up with easy words to explain the various concepts, that would be a big help as well.

Re: [Modpack] Help [doc] [1.0.0]

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 23:53
by echosa
I just installed this mod into my subgame, and everything seems to work except for the "Tools and weapons" button. When I click that, Minetest crashes. Here's what I see at the end of the log:

Code: Select all

2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: ServerError: Lua: Runtime error from mod 'doc' in callback on_playerReceiveFields(): .../minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/help/doc_items/init.lua:967: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: stack traceback:
2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: 	[C]: in function 'pairs'
2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: 	.../minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/help/doc_items/init.lua:967: in function <.../minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/help/doc_items/init.lua:921>
2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: 	[C]: in function 'sort'
2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: 	...upport/minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/help/doc/init.lua:888: in function 'get_sorted_entry_names'
2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: 	...upport/minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/help/doc/init.lua:793: in function 'generate_entry_list'
2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: 	...upport/minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/help/doc/init.lua:910: in function 'formspec_category'
2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: 	...upport/minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/help/doc/init.lua:1015: in function <...upport/minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/help/doc/init.lua:979>
2016-12-28 17:44:55: ERROR[Main]: in function <>
Also, as far as wording goes, may I recommend a few changes?

Category list => Categories
Entry list => Entries
Tools and weapons => Tools and Weapons
Miscellaneous items => Miscellaneous Items
Advanced usage => Advanced Usage

You also don't really need the "This is the help." text.

Finally, it'd be really great if we could double-click on entries in the entry list to open them up in the entry view.

Awesome mod, BTW! I've been looking for something like this! :-)

Re: [Modpack] Help [doc] [1.0.0]

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 00:09
by Wuzzy
Echosa, I've recently released version 1.0.0. I suggest you update this modpack and mods which depend on mods in this modpack and try again. I will post a release announcement in a couple of hours.

Also, double-clicking on entries in the entry list already works.

Re: [Modpack] Help [doc] [1.0.0]

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 00:34
by echosa
I just have been out of date, I guess. However, with 1.0.0, my game won't even start. Looks like maybe an incompatibility with the returnmirror mod?

Code: Select all

2016-12-28 18:30:52: ERROR[Main]: ModError: Failed to load and run script from /Users/echosa/Library/Application Support/minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/returnmirror/init.lua:
2016-12-28 18:30:52: ERROR[Main]: ...Support/minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/doc/doc/init.lua:377: table index is nil
2016-12-28 18:30:52: ERROR[Main]: stack traceback:
2016-12-28 18:30:52: ERROR[Main]: 	...Support/minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/doc/doc/init.lua:377: in function 'add_entry_alias'
2016-12-28 18:30:52: ERROR[Main]: 	...rt/minetest/games/echosa_game/mods/returnmirror/init.lua:147: in main chunk

Version 1.0.0 released!

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 01:59
by Wuzzy
Version 1.0.0 has been released! Party time! :-)
This is a major milestone.


Important: The API of the core mod has changed, so you must update some mods which depend on the Help mods. This is definitely the case if you have one of these mods: returnmirror, wateringcan, doc_minetest_game, easyvend. I released updates to all of these mods and you can download them now, I just did not officially announce the updates yet.

The Help modpack (1.0.0)
I declare all mod APIs now to be ready to be used in production. If you're a modder who wants to document your mod, items and other things, you can use this modpack to do so. See the developer information in the first post for more information. I also just released an example mod (doc_example, this mod is ONLY for modders) to help you get started very fast. See the first post, developer information for the link. API documentation is provided in the mods. I've also listed this modpack in

I also renamed the modpack folder name back to “doc” again for easier sorting. But you can rename the modpack folder name as you like, it doesn't matter. I recommend you delete all older versions of the help modpack and its mods, as I don't promise compability with pre-1.0.0 mods.

Documentation System [doc] (1.0.0)
  • Add support for Inventory++ [inventory_plus]
  • Use some text colorization in some places
  • Use opaque background for the main form for better readability
  • API change: doc.new_category → doc.add_category
  • API change: doc.new_entry → doc.add_category
  • API change: doc.add_entry_alias now supports aliases across different categories. The function syntax has been changed
  • API change: doc.add_entry_aliases was removed
  • Update readme file and API documentation
  • Fix typos
  • Refactor code
Basic Help [doc_basics] (1.0.0)
  • Mention the new zoom feature
  • Compability for core API changes
Item Help [doc_items] (1.0.0)
  • Fix typos all over the place
  • Compability for core API changes
  • Bugfix: Incorrect use count for tools with infinite uses
  • Bugfix: Mining tools sometimes showed an mining time of infinity seconds
  • Update API documentation: Overwriting hand and air entries
  • Remove outdated code and files
Encyclopedia [doc_encyclopedia] (1.2.0)
  • Add crafting recipe for Minetest Game (3 books vertically)
  • Reveal encyclopedia entry by default
Lookup Tool [doc_encyclopedia] (1.2.0)
  • Reveal lookup tool entry by default
  • Compability for core API changes
Future plans
Version 1.0.0 will not be the end of the road (I hope). But version 1.0.0 provides a pretty decent help system IMO, so this is a big milestone. I still have a couple of features on my TODO list for this mod. From version 1.0.0 on, I try hard not to break compability anymore. Maybe I'll write more on my future plans later. But the bigger feature plans will stay on hold for at least 2 weeks from now on.
The next important step I have is to convince modders to adopt this modpack so that all Minetest mods have good in-game explanations. :-)

Re: [Modpack] Help [1.0.0] [doc]

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 03:02
by echosa
Hooray! Congrats on the big 1.0 release!

Re: [Modpack] Help [1.0.0] [doc]

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 02:30
by Nathan.S
Maybe I'm just an idiot, probably am, but every time I try to clone this modpack all I get is a bunch of empty folders for the individual mods, and some text files in the root dir.

I'm using this code to clone

Code: Select all

git clone --recursive git://
and I keep getting this error:
fatal: unable to access '': server certificate verification failed. CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt CRLfile: none
fatal: clone of '' into submodule path 'doc' failed

Any ideas what the problem could be?

Re: [Modpack] Help [1.0.0] [doc]

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 04:26
by Wuzzy
Whoops. This was my fault. The .gitmodules had HTTPS links but they should be HTTP because HTTPS requires you to have a cert you don't have. Which is why you had access denied all the time.
I have fixed this in the repository now. Try to clone this again (same command) from scratch.

Re: [Modpack] Help [1.0.0] [doc]

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 15:47
by Nathan.S
That worked, :) Thank you.

Re: [Modpack] Help [1.0.0] [doc]

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:47
by crazyR
Wuzzy, Is there a github repo for this? It would make my life easier in terms of maintaining my server?

Re: [Modpack] Help [1.0.0] [doc]

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 13:23
by Wuzzy
No. I use
The main repository is on It uses Git submodules.

Read the first post for more information.