[Mod] [MTG/MCL2] Storage Drawers [0.5.0] [drawers]

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[Update] Storage Drawers [0.5.0]

by LNJ » Thu Jun 20, 2019 18:46

Version 0.5.0

  • New drawer controller for automatic sorting to connected drawers
  • Drawers can be connected for sorting purposes with the new drawer trim
  • Drawers can be upgraded now
  • When using a drawer with bare hands, all stacks from the inventory are now inserted
  • Protections are now supported
  • A sound is played on drawer interaction
  • Drawer size was increased to 32/36 stacks (MTG/MCL2)
  • New translations: Polish, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Italian, French, Indonesian, Chinese (Traditional)
Storage Drawers - The simplest item storage in Minetest


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