[Mod] Cement [cement]

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[Mod] Cement [cement]

by Linuxdirk » Fri Jan 12, 2018 04:47

Craft or make cement

Method 1: Craft wet cement blocks by putting default:gravel, group:sand, and bucket:bucket_water in a shapeless recipe.

Method 2: Make dry cement blocks by putting default:gravel and group:sand in a shapeless recipe and put the resulting node on ground directly by a water source to get a wet cement block and wait till it becomes wet.

Place wet cement blocks wherever you want (no water in neighboring nodes) and let them become hard. Since dry and wet cement blocks fall down when placed you might want to support them while drying by placing a not falling node below.

(Sand + Gravel = Dry Cement + Water = Wet Cement - Water + Hard Cement + Sanding Tool = Sanded Cement)

Hard cement blocks float like regular nodes. Those hard cement blocks can be hardware-colored using any of the 15 default dyes. The dye won’t be removed so it is a cheap way to color walls while not in creative.


Sanded cement

A hard cement can be sanded to get a sanded cement block with a smoother texture that is brighter. For doing this a sanding tool is needed.


When using the tool on a hard cement block (like with all other tools simply click the node) the block gets sanded. The tool has wear, but lasts very long.

Of course all sanded cement blocks can be colored, too.


Sanding a colored hard cement block removes the color. When anding other blocks nothing happens.

Obtaining the mod

Depends: default, bucket, dye
License: GPLv3 or later,
Download: Latest version (always compatible with latest non-dev Minetest version)
… or better use Git: https://gitlab.com/4w/cement.git
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Re: [Mod] Cement [cement]

by RSLRedstonier » Fri Jan 12, 2018 19:06

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