[Mod] simple random houses spawning [basic_houses]

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[Mod] simple random houses spawning [basic_houses]

by Sokomine » Sat Feb 10, 2018 05:01

Sometimes you may feel lonely in your world but don't want to encounter entire villages. The basic houses this mod places on flat land are well integrated into the landscape and invite you to extend and imporve them. They appear only where flat land is. Each house comes with a door, lamps above the door, windows, floors, a steel ladder and a solid roof. Some houses may contain chests with additional building materials or even a machine used for creating plasterwork.


Don't be surprised if your new home has vegetation inside. The houses where abandoned by their creators some time ago. Trees may have started to grow inside. It is unkown why the builders left. There's some speculation that it was due to the lack of gardens, furniture and streets, but as there are no inhabitants left, there's nobody to ask. You can just take any house you like and turn it into your home.


Houses may appear alone or in small groups. The basic types are logcabin, wooden house and stony houses. The later ones may be skyscrapers with a flat roof and may be colored if either plasterwork, RealTest or MineClone2 is used. The houses are all empty inside. Materials, shape, size and floors are all random.

Download: https://github.com/Sokomine/basic_house ... master.zip
Browse code: https://github.com/Sokomine/basic_houses
Version: 1.0
Licence: GPLv3
Depends on: handle_schematics
Recommends: plasterwork
Supports: Minetest game based games, RealTest, MineClone2
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Re: [Mod] simple random houses spawning [basic_houses]

by bell07 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 09:08

Great Work! Thanks for this mod!

One Idea/Feature request I have: Can you please take some parameters like max_per_mapchunk or houses_wanted_per_mapchunk depending on any Perlin-noise (I am not familiar with it)? This way natural villages could appear, and other flat areas stays empty.

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Re: [Mod] simple random houses spawning [basic_houses]

by hajo » Sat Feb 10, 2018 19:35

Sokomine wrote:basic houses this mod places on flat land
Each house comes with a door, lamps above the door, windows, floors, a steel ladder and a solid roof

I sugggest to add a chat-command like '/build_basic_house' that tries to build such a house
at the players location. Maybe with a parameter, eg. for size or number of floors to use.
Might need a priv for using that command.

Also, a house-builder-logfile would be nice.
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Re: [Mod] simple random houses spawning [basic_houses]

by Fixer » Sat Feb 10, 2018 22:27

Nice, now connect them with some simple roads and lights in buildings and around ;)

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Re: [Mod] simple random houses spawning [basic_houses]

by bell07 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 21:13

After reading some perlin-noise theory I played around pseudo-random numbers to group buildings in villages using this mod. See my fork: https://github.com/bell07/basic_houses

@Sokomine, if you like the logic, feel free to take over

Removed parameters / counters
- basic_houses.houses_wanted_per_mapchunk
- basic_houses.additional_chance
- basic_houses.mapchunks_processed
- basic_houses.houses_generated
Removed also the showcase-house in first chunk

and added instead
Code: Select all
-- generate count of building each 80x80 mapchunk, if chunk is assigned to village
 -- Note: This amount will likely only spawn if your mapgen is very flat.
 --       Else you will see far less houses.
basic_houses.min_per_mapchunk = 10
basic_houses.max_per_mapchunk = 20
-- Villages average distance in nodes (2x80)
basic_houses.village_average = 160
-- Villages min/max size in nodes (radius)
basic_houses.village_min_size = 20
basic_houses.village_max_size = 100

The minimum counters are never reached because the counter describes only the attempt to place the house in chunk. The most villages does not appear because no house was able to be placed. But the resuilt is useable. The houses appears in groups on map now.

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Re: [Mod] simple random houses spawning [basic_houses]

by Lord_Vlad » Thu Nov 29, 2018 09:13

Many houses I get don't have a roof : in the chest on the top, though, they have a chest with moretree stairs and slabs that apparently don't exist ? It's just weird.

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