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Re: [Mod] Tunnelmaker [tunnelmaker]

by kestral » Wed Feb 06, 2019 23:42

With the imminent release of Minetest 5.0, Tunnelmaker 2.0 will only be supporting 5.0. The old version of tunnelmaker will remain available for those who can't or choose not to upgrade.

Information on trying the 2.0 beta can be found on page 1 of this thread, two posts back.

I have taken another of Mikola's good ideas and added the new client-side translations feature of MT5.0 to tunnelmaker. It is très cool to see one client displaying an English menu, while at the same time a second client is displaying French.

However, if anyone reading this post has good knowledge of French, I would appreciate if they could critique my French translation file and provide corrections. I fear my level of French will never get past the read-only stage. The file, tunnelmaker.fr.tr, can be found in:


In addition, if anyone else would like the new tunnelmaker menu system to show up in their own language, I will accept other translation files. There is a template file, tunnelmaker.template, in the same above directory, which can be used as a reference to create them.

Here's what the new Tunnelmaker User Options menu looks like:


And here is a forum post that discusses how to do client-side translations:


Finally, I added better support for Android. It turns out that the Android version doesn't accept shift-left-click, so it was impossible to bring up the new menu. To fix this I added a second menu command, aux-right-click, which works on Android 5.0, since it now has an AUX button on the screen.


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