[Modpack] Home Decor [git] [homedecor_modpack]

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Re: [Modpack] Home Decor [git] [homedecor_modpack]

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VanessaE wrote:I'm not sure what's going on there... If you disable the "homedecor_3d_extras" component, does the problem go away? That component activates a flag that turns on 3d doors, so the pictured one should just become a normal flat door again without it.

Pull requests with fixes are welcome. :-)
Thank you for your prompt response. (-:

Indeed, as soon as I disable the mod homedecor_3d_extras, the problem is gone, the only "negative" effect is that it also disables the custom items of the mod vessels and 3D bookshelf.
It's not a big deal if it avoids reworking the textures of MTG's doors and trapdoors and I'm not very good at coding anyway. ^^

Thx again,

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Re: [Modpack] Home Decor [git] [homedecor_modpack]

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Thank you for your help. I'm looking for something like that

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