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Re: [Modpack] Home Decor [git] [homedecor_modpack]

by Heraclitus » Sun Jan 06, 2019 18:55

Thank you for your quick response. As I said, I generally agree with the philosophy behind your changes (and I can understand the anti-Microsoft philosophy) -- it's just not very easy for someone to figure out what's going on unless they follow forums or IRC or whatever. I'm just trying to play a game with my son. As I mentioned, I've been burned before in blindly updating mods, so I tend to only try to update when a new version of Minetest comes out or every six months or so. And so when stuff breaks, I have to spend time tracking down what happened. (Given that I'm using about 50 mods, this is not always straightforward.)

I'm sorry about whatever has happened with the Minetest mods team, but I do wish there were some way of clueing people in that those versions are no longer necessarily the up-to-date mods without having people dig into forum posts. I was really thrilled at the concept of the collected mods team, which I thought might bring some consistency and guaranteed compatibility, so I'm sorry to hear it's not working anymore.

Clearly, given a lot of people you've had to tell this to lately, I'm not the only one who is having difficulty with this. At a minimum, might I suggest that you put a note in the initial posts of your major mods that the Minetest mods versions are not necessarily up-to-date anymore and that people should use Gitlab? (Ideally, it should be flagged in the Minetest-mods versions themselves, but if you have no control over them, I don't know what to say.) It might at least save you some time in replying to people who are accidentally using out-of-date versions. I know for myself since the Minetest mods team came into existence, I've been going there first for updates and only visiting forum posts for links to mods that aren't listed there.

None of my mods depend on "unstable" or "developer" builds of Minetest.

I'm glad to hear it. At some point there were some mods (maybe ones where you're not the primary maintainer; I don't know) that were running out-of-sync with the stable version of MT. Maybe you didn't make those decisions, but I saw a couple posts from you last year that were clarifying that those common mods didn't always conform to the stable version. (I think it popped up in dyes or something.) In any case, that's not relevant to the present discussion, and I'm glad to know that your mods will work with the stable MT version. (I note that the Technic first post declares that it may not always work with the stable version, but if you have no control over that, I'm truly sorry to have associated you with that.)

Mixing mods from various repositories works just fine, as long as what you're running is current/up-to-date.

Except it doesn't. That's why I posted here in the first place. I ended up with a problem because an outdated version of HomeDecor and/or Currency available in GitHub (minetest-mods) made the soda machine in Home Decor non-functional. The Currency mod at GitHub still doesn't contain support for the Minegeld coins. You can I suppose argue that the version at GitHub is not "current/up-to-date," except I have no way of knowing that based on simply updating from that repository. So in that case, downloading the most current versions from different repositories does NOT work.

Again, I know this may not be your problem, and now I know that your mods need to be downloaded from elsewhere. I just do wish the corresponding versions at minetest-mods were flagged somehow if not deleted entirely if they're not going to be maintained.

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Re: [Modpack] Home Decor [git] [homedecor_modpack]

by Mantar » Mon Jan 07, 2019 01:42

Heraclitus wrote:So in that case, downloading the most current versions from different repositories does NOT work.

Isn't this a case where you were downloading an outdated version, not the most current one?
But yeah, I feel you there, the github -> gitlab switch bit me too.


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