[Mod] Advanced (not really™) markers/waypoints [advmarkers]

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[Mod] Advanced (not really™) markers/waypoints [advmarkers]

by luk3yx » Mon Feb 04, 2019 21:04


A mod to create and store markers/waypoints on the map.
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  • /mrkr: Opens a formspec allowing you to view/edit/delete markers.
  • /mrkr <coords>: Displays a marker at the co-ordinates specified (or here/there).
  • /add_mrkr <coords> <name>: Adds a marker to the list accessible in /mrkr.
  • /mrkr_export: Gives you an "export string" that you can then import with this mod and the CSM.
  • /mrkr_import <export string>: Non-destructively imports markers from an export string.
  • /mrkrthere: Alias for /mrkr there.

Markers are automatically added when you die.


advmarkers accepts any co-ordinate format usable by minetest.string_to_pos(), as well as the following extras:

  • h, here: Your current position.
  • t, there: Either your last death position or the last chat channels .coords sent in chat.


advmarkers is licensed under the MIT License.

You can either install advmarkers from the ContentDB (if/when it gets added), or by using GitHub or GitLab.

advmarkers has no dependencies.

There is an advmarkers CSM available here that is similar (and adds .mrkr_upload to upload your local markers to the current server's advmarkers).
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