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PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 19:49
by ratmix
Adds kits and kit commands to Minetest

This mod provides two sample kits: example miner and example_blaster
Follow the sample to add more kits. There is no limit to the number of kits that can be added.

There are several type of cooldowns for a particular kit and for the kit command...

    Individual kit cooldown are specified in the kits table. For eample, the kit below has a cooldown of 8 minutes:
    example_miner = {loadout = {"default:pick_diamond", "default:shovel_diamond", "default:sword_diamond ", }, cooldown = 8},

    The kit command cooldown time specifies, in minutes, how long a player must wait to use the /kit command again. The default value is 2 minutes and can be changed by setting the value of local kit_cmd_cooldown

    By default, the kit command cooldown for a player resets to zero if they die. This can be configured by setting a new value for kit_command_reset_on_die. To disable a reset of the kit command time on player death, set this value to 1. Otherwise set to 0.

/kit <kitname> Gives player the specified kit
/kits Shows a list of available kits
/resetkits Resets kit and kit command times for all players


Two privileges are added by this mod.
kits allows a player to use the /kit command
kitsadmin allows admin to reset the kit temporary data for all players.

Code License: MIT
Mod dependencies: none
GIT repository:


Re: [MOD]Kits[Kits]

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 16:03
by bosapara
Good idea to make it for minetest

Created similar mod recently, works much the same (daily reward)

Re: [MOD]Kits[Kits]

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 21:51
by ratmix
bosapara wrote:Created similar mod recently, works much the same (daily reward)

Nice mod.

The Kits mod essentially has an API (global function). So you could call ctp_kits.deliver_kit(player, name, kitname) from your mod to deliver a kit as a daily bonus. In this case it would be better if I add an API that delivers a random kit.