[Mod] UraniumMod [0.4] [uranium]

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Re: [Mod] UraniumMod [0.4] [uranium]

by Krock » Thu Apr 23, 2015 16:34

ABJ wrote:How do I freaking download this????? It looks so COOL yet that download page does not let me download!!!!! >>>>:(((((


Please look first at the previous posts.
Many of the old mods have a broken download link, mostly there's an alternative download from an other user. Especially look out for Topywo, he re-uploaded many old mods.
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Re: [Mod] UraniumMod [0.4] [uranium]

by AntumDeluge » Thu Jun 22, 2017 22:48

Wuzzy wrote:I uploaded the mod as forum attachment.
Please note that this mod is very old and may not work very well with latest Minetest releases, but see for yourself.


Thank you Wuzzy. I created a GitHub repository from your download link (though, I haven't even tested out this "old" mod yet).

GitHub: AntumMT/mtmod-uranium


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