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Re: [Mod] Vines and Rope [2.3] [vines]

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I've finally done it, I've split this mod in twain. The new stand-alone ropes mod has no dependency on biome_lib and no vine content, though its crafting recipes remain compatible with the vines produced by this mod.

My fork of this vines mod has had the rope-related content removed from it, leaving it as just a vines mod. Note that I haven't tested it extensively - I have to admit, I've mainly been in this for the ropes. :) I'll do what I can to maintain it, though, if anyone has bug reports or requests.

I've added a node upgrade function to the new ropes mod that will convert the ropes from both my fork of the vines mod and the original version of the vines mod by bas080 to the new ropes mod's ropes. So if you wish to upgrade an existing world it should work. Take care, though - this split's a big edit so both of my forks should be treated as unstable right now.

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