[Mod] Workers [2.0] [workers]

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Re: [Mod] Workers [2.0] [workers]

by dangrega33 » Post

Ok I got it thanks. Another question, I crafted a Harvester and when I right click on him, nothing happens. I crafted a Builder and I right clicked and it pulled up an inventory type of window. What do I give him in order for him to make a house/building?

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Re: [Mod] Workers [2.0] [workers]

by LionsDen » Post

I don't know much because I only ever used the miner. The builder needs blueprints in order to build. They should be in the craft recipes I posted.

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Re: [Mod] Workers [2.0] [workers]

by mojuave » Post

I am having no luck please see what we can do thank you

WARNING: not a single toplevel ui element active switching to default
20:10:26: ERROR[main]: ========== ERROR FROM LUA ===========
20:10:26: ERROR[main]: Failed to load and run script from
20:10:26: ERROR[main]: C:\Users\MIKE\Desktop\server\minetest-0.4.10\bin\..\mods\doc_files\init.lua:
20:10:26: ERROR[main]: cannot open C:\Users\MIKE\Desktop\server\minetest-0.4.10\bin\..\mods\doc_files\init.lua: No such file or directory
20:10:27: ERROR[main]: ======= END OF ERROR FROM LUA ========
20:10:27: ERROR[main]: Server: Failed to load and run C:\Users\MIKE\Desktop\server\minetest-0.4.10\bin\..\mods\doc_files\init.lua
20:10:27: ERROR[main]: ModError: ModError: Failed to load and run C:\Users\MIKE\Desktop\server\minetest-0.4.10\bin\..\mods\doc_files\init.lua

OMG nevermind I feel stupid I extracted doc files not the actual MOD

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Re: [Mod] Workers [2.0] [workers]

by poikilos » Post

I copied this to GitHub before it is lost forever. It is low-priority for me, so if there are bugs please fix them and submit a pull request. I used LionsDen's fork, and found a copy of the documentation from minetest-megapack.
* Browse code and documentation on GitHub
* Download zip

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Re: [Mod] Workers [2.0] [workers]

by QwertyDragon » Post

In "/mods/workers/init.lua" has eight instances of "tile_images", but can be changed to "tiles", in all eight instances.

Code: Select all

-	tile_images = worker_images("harvey"),
+	tiles = worker_images("harvey"),

-	tile_images = worker_images("mordec"),
+	tiles = worker_images("mordec"),

-	tile_images = worker_images("garren"),
+	tiles = worker_images("garren"),

-	tile_images = worker_images("benjo"),
+	tiles = worker_images("benjo"),

-	tile_images = worker_images("gredo"),
+	tiles = worker_images("gredo"),

-	tile_images = worker_images("asvard"),
+	tiles = worker_images("asvard"),

-	tile_images = worker_images("toco"),
+	tiles = worker_images("toco"),

-	tile_images = worker_images("cardon"),
+	tiles = worker_images("cardon"),
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