[Mod] Octu Tools [v2] [octutool]

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[Mod] Octu Tools [v2] [octutool]

by Octupuslegs » Post

Well this is a mod that adds new tools i was bored and had nothing to do so i made these.These last 3 times as longer as a regular tool.The Pick is instant.This mod only has 4 items i need you to place your ideas on this thread i need them.

License: GPL
Dependencies: default

No hard ones :D
Anyway here is a screen

Here are the recipes.



Here is the download-

That Link holds 2 of my best mods don't be afraid to try them out.

As i said before i need ideas don't be afraid to give them.
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by VanessaE » Post

The behavior of mese has changed:


Given the nature of this mod, I suggest using the new Mese Blocks directly in your tool recipes rather than creating the blue mese, or use several Mese Crystals (less than 9) to make it.
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