[Mod] Mod menu [0.2] [modmenu]

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[Mod] Mod menu [0.2] [modmenu]

by ds-2k » Post

Mod menu
Version: 0.2
Code License: WTFPL
Textures: none included
Dependencies: none

This is a relatively simple mod that adds a menu to the game for various mod actions. The menu can be accessed by typing "/m" in the in-game chat.

It includes a compatibility module that adds items from inventory_plus to the menu (seen here with skins and 3d armor):

Since it shows these mods' formspecs in a separate menu, this means mods that use the inventory_plus API can now be used with mods that modify the default inventory (such as unified_inventory) installed (previously, these could not be used simultaneously):

Download latest version: https://github.com/bhull2010/minetest-m ... master.zip
Browse the code: https://github.com/bhull2010/minetest-mod-modmenu

Version 0.2:
  • Fixed buttons being added to the menu twice if a user disconnected and rejoined a server
Old versions:
0.1 - https://github.com/bhull2010/minetest-m ... ve/0.1.zip
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by Zeg9 » Post

Good !
The only problem is new players probably won't notice it, but well, that's the role of server admins...
I'll probably add this to my server soon, replacing 0gb.us's inventory_plus, soon.
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by vktRus » Post

How to make this a great inventory menu with guide, bags, home?...

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by Inocudom » Post

I approve of this mod. I have waited a long time to see something like this finally created.
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by Sokomine » Post

It's good that now mods with diffrent approaches to the inventory menu can be used simultaneously. Having to type t /m each time makes it a bit impractical. Can't those mods that modify the inventory directly add a hook for the menu?
[Edit] Having bags on more servers would be great.
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by savage05 » Post

How do you add stuff to it

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by JPRuehmann » Post


I would like to add some formspecs to modmenu that are not using inventory plus but chat commands how can I do that?


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by mahmutelmas06 » Post

JPRuehmann wrote:Hello

I would like to add some formspecs to modmenu that are not using inventory plus but chat commands how can I do that?

If we could collect all chat commants into 1 simple gui it could be awesome.
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Re: [Mod] Mod menu [0.2] [modmenu]

by Gearhart » Post

i'v been wanting to add a page to this but how do i do that, such as a crafting menu page?

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