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[Mod] Spray Booth / Color Machine [colormachine]

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 22:43
by Sokomine
New: (May 2015) Only white dye is consumed. Of all the other dyes, only samples are needed (keep 2 of each dye stored in the dye management menu). This makes painting a lot easier as you only have to refill white dye. And if another type of dye is cheaper, well, just craft that one and use remove paint to turn it into white one! And the best thing is: This isn't even cheating. Dyes can be crafted into each other in Minetest anyway.

New: Added paint roller from Krocks mod. Place the dye you want to apply to the right of the paintroller in your inventory, wield the paint roller and left-click on the target block. Left-click the block repeatedly in order to cycle through the possible painting styles. If you want to remove the paint again, keep the slot to the right of your paintroller empty.

The spray booth/colormachine allows you to handle mods that use dyes - and espeically unifieddyes - much more easily. It can only be used/handled by its owner.

Supported nodes (Blocktype menu):
Not all colors are supported by all mods. This menu provides an overview over all those blocks that can be painted. Only blocks from mods that are installed are shown. If you have many of the supported mods installed, the block menu may have a second page. If you have few mods installed, fewer blocks will be offered.
The "n/a" stands for "not available in this color".

Sample color selector for colored bricks (Color selection menu):
Click on one of the colored textures to select the color.

Dye management menu:
Dyes can be added and removed manually through the inventory slots or by inserting a dye soure (usually a flower or coal or stone) into the "refill" slot on top. You can also mix colors (i.e. orange) by clicking on the "mix" button. In that case, one red and yellow are taken, and two orange are inserted into the storage for orange. You do not need to take them out and mix them in your inventory/craft grid. Once you have selected a color, the dye management menu will show you which dye sources it needs to mix it.
Note: White can be gained from stone instead of white dandelions.

Main menu, where most of the action takes place:
A color has been set and unpainted brick blocks have been inserted into the input slot. In order to get the painted bricks, just take them out of one of the output slots. You can choose between two diffrent textures here (normal colored bricks and multicolored ones; both come from unifiedbricks). The choices offered depend on the block you want to paint.
In this case. only 16 blocks are offered because the available dyes are insufficient for more blocks. Go to the dye management menu, search for the "1x", "2x" etc. above the colors (those indicate which pigments will be needed in which relative quantity), and insert dye sources or mix them. Pigments shown in the dye management menu are not mixed automaticly! Only those light/normal/medium/dark/low saturation combinations are done automaticly.
Note: Dyes/pigments are mixed in order to achieve the desired color. If e.g. red, white and black are mixed, that costs you one of each pigment and yields three pigments of the desired color. One pigment may be strong enough to paint more than one block. But: As soon as you take blocks out of the output slots, the costs are calculated. Thus, it may cost you three pigments for one block if you take only one - whereas you could in many cases get more painted if you took out more blocks at the same time. It is, after all, a machine and not a paintbrush.

The blox mod offeres a wide variety of colorful nodes to choose from. Without that mod installed, you may only get the message that stone is not supported.
If you insert an already painted block into the input slot, its color is shown, and you can choose between setting the machine to this color (useful if you finally found the shade you want to build with) or removing the paint. If you remove paint, no pigments are returned. You only get the unpainted version of the block back.

Dye sources can also be inserted and converted to pigments here. If you want white dye from stone, you have to use the dye management menu to convert the stone to dye.

If you do *not* have unifieddyes installed, many of the mods the colormachine supports will not work either, and thus your choices of blocks and dyes will be limited. The receipes for mixing colors follow the standard from unifieddyes and remain the same even if you don't have that installed.

If you do not have flowers installed, alternate dye sources are available:

New: The paint roller from Krocks paint roller mod is very practical but supports only few blocks. As the colormachine already has a lot of code regarding figuring out which block it is and which paint was applied, letting the paint roller access the colormachine seems logical.
Texture, crafting and idea are taken from Krocks mod. It works like this: Place a dye in your inventory to the right of the paint roller. Wield the paint roller. Click on a block to paint it. If the slot is empty, the paint will be removed from the block and placed back into your inventory. If there are multiple possibilities of how the block may be painted using one color (i.e. diffrent patterns using blox), just use the paint roller multiple times on the same block. It will cycle through the alternatives.

The colormachine also got additional storage space for dyes. It can be accessed from the main menu page and works like a chest (which will only take dyes as input). In order to get that additional storage capacity, did your old colormachines and place them anew. The additional storage for now only acts as storage and is not used by the machine.

Browse code:
Version: 0.6
Licence: GPLv3
Depends on: dyes (from default)
Recommends: flowers (from default), unifieddyes
v 0.7: More than two block menu pages are supported. Added support for myroofs, mydeck, mycorners, mymulch, clothing, lavalamp (and other items from homedecor); Only white dye is consumed now.
v 0.6: added paint roller
v 0.5: Added second block menu page. Updated support for several mods (homedecor, sea, blox) and added support for new mods (clstone, colorcubes, colouredstonebricks)
13.02.14 Added support for kerova-mod (colored chests and locked chests) and for hardenedclay
01.01.14 Added support for plasticbox mod

Place three steel ingots at the bottom row. Place two glass above in the middle row. On each side, put a gold ingot on top (they've got to be useful for something!) and a mese block below.

Crafting of the paint roller:

The texture is a re-colored texture from the non cubics block mod from yves_de_beck and recolored by VanessaE. Hope this goes ok with the creator of the texture.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 22:46
by Dan Duncombe
Holy *** amazing mod! Long post too...

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 22:52
by Inocudom
Very nice work here, Sokomine. You have made a very useful mod that I can see being used on servers.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 23:17
by Rancon
Yep. I'm using this on my server (if it works.. my server for some reason rejected a ton of mods :()

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:43
by Topywo

I saw it took a lot of coding to make the mods work for the colormachine mod. Are you planning to add more mods?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 15:40
by Sokomine
Topywo wrote:I saw it took a lot of coding to make the mods work for the colormachine mod. Are you planning to add more mods?

I think I covered all that do offer diffrent colored blocks. If I forget one, please name it. Adding new mods depends on how the mod is coded. If it sticks to the naming convention unifieddyes uses (both for texture names and nodenames), or alternatively uses names that are equivalent to the one wool/normal dyes uses, it can be as easy as adding a single line. stained_glass was problematic because it has its own naming scheme. Other mods name colors differently and thus need extra code as well.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 16:48
by webdesigner97
Great mod! And the texture of your spraybooth is awesome!

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 22:29
by Sokomine
The texture was done by VanessaE and is based on the non-cubic block mod. Perhaps you ought to write some praise there as well :-) Here's the thread.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 23:56
by Topywo
In the spray booth I've an unknown item instead of lightgrey dye


I used the previous latest minetest and the latest unifieddyes and colormachine mods. I saw in post 1 that you do have the light_grey dye. I've tried to look into the Github's of those mods to see what changes were made recently, but couldn't see recent changes.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 17:26
by Sokomine
Added support for the plasticbox mod.

Topywo: If your problem with that grey dye persists, please tell me again.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 21:11
by Topywo
Sokomine wrote:
Topywo: If your problem with that grey dye persists, please tell me again.

Unfortunately it does. Without unified dyes it's N/A. With unified dyes it's an unknown item.

Something new: The 'manage stored dyes' tab doesn't work in the main menu. It does work under the 'Show supported blocks' menu.

I used:
- minetest-767b2e7 (the version before the latest commit)
- booth/colormachine from Github, downloaded around an hour ago
- unified dyes from 30 april 2013 and the one from github (17 days old)
- Sea-modpack

I tested with and without sea, with and without unified dyes and with and without creative.

Edit: and creating new games for the different choices

PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 21:31
by Sokomine
I've checked the name of the light grey dye and found out that it's just aliassed and has a diffrent name. Please download the newest verison of colormachine from github. It ought to display the correct dye image now.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 22:13
by Topywo
Checked, it now gives the correct display. No more display of an unknown item.

-- The 'manage stored dyes' tab still doesn't work in the main menu, but still does work under the 'Show supported blocks' menu.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 17:09
by Inocudom
Sokomine, would you kindly support oOChainLynxOo's hardened_clay mod? The link to it is below:

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 19:42
by Sokomine
Added support for the colored chests and locked chests from the kerova mod.

Also added support for hardenedclay - to a degree. That mod needs to be updated a bit first in order to really work convincingly with the colormachine.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 22:56
by Topywo
Sokomine wrote:So please rename your colors to the schem hardenedclay_COLOR.png

Does it accept a name like this: seablocks_yellowlightglass_yellow.png
(I mean with 2 or more underscores?)

Sokomine wrote:And make sure the color names match those of the wool color names.

So it can't handle aqua, lime, redviolet and skyblue or can it (looking at the colored bricks/screenshots)?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 23:02
by Sokomine
Topywo wrote:Does it accept a name like this: seablocks_yellowlightglass_yellow.png
(I mean with 2 or more underscores?)

From that single name, it's difficult to see which pattern the name will actually follow. Is it seablocks_COLORlightglass_yellow.png, is it seablocks_yellowlightglass_COLOR.png, or is it seablocks_COLOR1lightglass_COLOR2.png? Please be more specific.

In general, something_with_underscores_that_ends_with_a_COLORNAME.png is perfectly ok.

Topywo wrote:So it can't handle aqua, lime, redviolet and skyblue or can it (looking at the colored bricks/screenshots)?

It can - if you supply them all. You do have the coice between the wool color names and the unifieddyes color names. Mixtures of both are not supported.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 23:25
by Topywo
I put the "_yellow" extra after "seablocks_yellowlightglass" because I assumed it has to end with the colorname and didn't want to change the 'original' name too much. I don't mind renaming it, but "something_with_underscores_that_ends_with_a_COLORNAME.png" looks like supporting seablocks_yellowlightglass_yellow.png

So no mix, I'll need to think about that one (aqua, lime, redviolet and skyblue are from unified dyes and cyan/magenta from dyes (wool).

But it also raises for me the question: I see in your screenshot all those 6 colors for the colored bricks, but can't find standard magenta and cyan in the textures of unified dyes?

Thanks for the info!

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 02:37
by Sokomine
In unified dyes, colors follow their own naming schem. You don't have to support each shade (like medium saturation, low saturation, dark etc.) as long as all basic colors from a shade are supported.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 16:39
by jp
I have tested this mod and I found the interface a bit too complex. It's easy to be lost on it...

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 17:00
by Sokomine
jp wrote:I have tested this mod and I found the interface a bit too complex. It's easy to be lost on it...

The interface has four diffrent pages:
1. The main page where you insert the blocks you want to color and can take them out.
2. The block selection menu where you get an overview of which blocks are supported.
3. The dye management section where the dyes are stored and their sources are shown.
4. The actual color selection.

Room is a bit tight in the menu. Hope you can find your way around. Sorry that it's a bit confusing.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2014 22:48
by Topywo
Topywo wrote:-- The 'manage stored dyes' tab still doesn't work in the main menu, but still does work under the 'Show supported blocks' menu.

'Solved'. Using fullscreen instead of the default windowed screen let me push the button. (Also, moving the 'insert material to paint' text line to a more left position (1 instead of 3) solves it).

I encountered 3 other problems:

1. coloredwood and unifiedbricks return, after removing the paint, only the wood and the brickblock. So , removing the paint from fence results in a wood and removing the paint from a clayblock results in a brickblock.

2. lrfurn sofa and longsofa can't be painted (even when they are switcheded in the 'block =' part). Also a colored sofa/lonsofa returns a white chair.

3. coloredblocks can't be painted.

Box and wool seem to work.

If I understand the code more or less, you dis- and reassemble texture-, registered node (and description?) names to make them cycle through the colors? Since the naming of textures and nodes are more different than one would expect, would aliasing them in colormachine make them easier to handle?

One last thing. Using fractions for 'p' (the amount of nodes you get out of 1 dye) seems to work too :-)

I hope this feedback is useful.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 17:16
by rommiekerova
Thank you for adding support for my mod. Greatly appreciated since the next release removes the chests from the inventory.

On a side note I noticed that wool cannot be coloured using all the dyes. Some colours are therefore missing which is a shame.

Re: [Mod] spray booth / colormachine (handling colored block

PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 15:17
by Inocudom
Will this mod ever be moved to the Mod Releases topic?

Re: [Mod] spray booth / colormachine (handling colored block

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 05:02
by Sokomine
The mod has been updated recently. It has a second page for supported blocks now. Support for some mods was updated (homedecor, sea) and further mods are supported now. Please take a look at the first posting! Images have also been re-added.