[MOD] voltbuild, a fork of itest [voltbuild]

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Re: [MOD] voltbuild, a fork of itest [voltbuild]

by ElectricSolstice » Wed Apr 23, 2014 02:58

JPRuehmann wrote:Hello
Like to try out, but it is incompatible with the specialities mod.
If I enable Voltbuild Specialities stop counting.
How can I fix that?

Looks like it's due to the voltbuild mod overriding the function minetest.node_dig
Comparing the override to the original function, looks like it might've been changed to help the previous modder with debugging. As such, all you would have to do now is redownload the voltbuild mod since I pushed up a fix to just get rid of the override and the file it was contained in. Thanks for pointing out this incompatibility. The only thing is that the voltbuild tools still probably won't add to your experience, but the regular tools now should add experience. Let me know if you have other troubles with voltbuild and I'll get back to you... eventually lol.

So, in short, the fix is either to reinstall voltbuild or to just update your current one with git pull.

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Re: [MOD] voltbuild, a fork of itest [voltbuild]

by Nore » Sat Apr 26, 2014 05:39

Actually, what happened was that the override in node_dig got merged later... So it is not needed anymore.

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