[Mod] Baked Clay [0.9] [bakedclay]

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Re: [Mod] Baked Clay [0.9] [bakedclay]

by Out`Of`Control » Post

I do not run recent moreblocks. I try disable to see what mod trigger it. Thank for fast reply

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Re: [Mod] Baked Clay [0.9] [bakedclay]

by johalun » Post

Thanks for adding this to MT! Can we get a mesa biome in MTG as well? :) I love building with these materials but go under water and digging for clay in survival isn't really an option...

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Re: [Mod] Baked Clay [0.9] [bakedclay]

by TenPlus1 » Post

@johalun - The Ethereal NG mod adds a brand new biome set to Minetest and one of those is the mesa biome :)

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