[Mod] Creatures [git] [minetest_mods_creatures]

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Re: [Mod] Creatures [git] [minetest_mods_creatures]

by RajMahal » Mon Dec 02, 2019 16:43


(Testing for #t.bugs)

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               There are #t.depricated  #t.code.script  (functions)                                                                  
                     in #t.non.default.mod...creatures                                                                  
                     There are #t.bugs                                                                  
                     in #t.non.default....creatures                                                                  

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                     #t.install.and.play...#t.mtengine.modbase.mtgame... #t.version...5.1.0                                                                   

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Re: [Mod] Creatures [git] [minetest_mods_creatures]

by Lone_Wolf » Mon Dec 02, 2019 17:33

RajMahal wrote:#t.re:...#t.strange...#t.minetestguru...Tcll_#t.modification...#t.non.default...creatures_

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Would it be possible for you to speak in regular english?
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Re: [Mod] Creatures [git] [minetest_mods_creatures]

by Tcll » Fri Dec 06, 2019 14:28

@RajMahal: your posts hurt to read...
judging by Lone_Wolf's quote it seems you're misguided to believe I actually drop projects
I promise you (and everyone else) I do no such thing

to add to your context, I don't intend to work on this modification for 2 years as I have other projects to work on
but that doesn't mean I'm going to drop it.

get off your high horse and have some patience.

btw, I'm not a guru, I'm no more a noob than you are
I have more experience with LUA in Minecraft-OpenComputers than I do with Minetest
really this is the first mod I'm actually working on, so it's quite a learning experience...

but hey, once I'm done with this, I might start working on a mod I'd initially planned for OpenComputers
being the ability to write your own physical models in LUA with supplied event callbacks
(though this was intended to use OpenGL through Java using the source from OpenGlasses, so I'm not sure how I can do that through LUA in Minetest)

I'm more of a guru writing games in python with GLFW(glfw3.dll)+OpenGL(opengl32.dll) than anything else.
let me have my fun ;)

@RajMahal: would you please speak in english and not some butchered code dialect

I understand you're upset Mircea's code is buggy
and that it's been some time the code hasn't been fixed

all I can say is please be patient and understand

first off Mircea has numerous other projects to work on, and this one isn't too high on their priority list compared to other more demanded projects.
(though who knows, that may change a bit with me getting involved)

secondly, I too have projects I'm more demanded to work on, but that's not my excuse for not working on this as of current...
currently I'm dealing with life smearing my face in the mud and have to work to get back to where I was to be able to work on this again...
but to add, I'm going through and overhauling the entire code-base (following whatever standards Mircea wants of course), which isn't something that's gonna be quick...
I'm not sure if I'll be able to get around to fixing the bounds bug with the ladder you're posting about, but that'll be after I finish with my ideas.

I've written my own physics engine in python before, so if it's something I can fix, I certainly will
but it depends on what the minetest API allows me to play with
I'm still a noob (at both minetest and LUA), so I'll need time to look at everything and figure out how it works.

if you wanna be cocky, you're welcome to fork Mircea's work and attempt to fix things yourself...
(that's the purpose of FOSS after all)
programming ain't that difficult, I'm sure you can do something. ;)

btw, something I can tell you is I do know what causes the issue with mobs and ladders
in order to make mobs and players equal, there's some inconsistency with mobs having bounds Y - 1 to match players.
if you look at the ladder position, it's exactly 1 block lower, matching the consistency issue.

I'm still running version 4 of minetest, so idk if this was resolved in version 5+
if so, you should be able to undo the check and apply the bounds as is.

can I just kindly say
I hate this:
Code: Select all
                                       SIdeNote: What many call #t.bug                                             
                                       others call it  #t.feature

if you wanna find a really good way to trigger me, it's stupid statements like that
there is a clear difference between a bug and a feature
unless that feature in question is 100% absolutely meant to raise the error to prevent corruption
though I call this bad design
a good design effectively handles all data that can be passed efficiently with at most a notification in effort to maintain the program run cycle.
(for example, Minetest returns to the menu on a mod crash, instead of halting execution and closing)

in any case, I'd be surprised if Mircea actually picks up on what you caught
I'll probably work on removing deprecated functions in my overhaul however

I am attempting here to clearly document #t.default #t.bug

your cryptic code speak is not clear documentation
it actually hurts to read

clear documentation does not require a full page of text
if you can describe a bug in a paragraph without having to scroll the page, you've just provided clear documentation.

clear == easy to read/understand in full detail.

I kindly ask, would you PLEASE break from your cryptic code speak.


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