[Mod] New New Timber [nnt]

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[Mod] New New Timber [nnt]

by Nemin32 » Post

Description: Hi!
This mod is a fork of devian's New Timber (viewtopic.php?id=5541) mod which is an extendation of Jeija's Timber mod (viewtopic.php?id=1590)
It extends it by only allowing chopping the whole tree, when an axe is used.

Depends: domb, default

License: GPL. All materials, but the axe checking, were made by the authors mentioned in the description.

Download https://github.com/Nemin32/NNT/zipball/master (rename folder to nnt)
domb: http://www.novoseusadosinformatica.com. ... k-domb.zip

Thanks everyone from IRC who helped making my mod!

No trees were chopped making this mod.

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Re: [Mod] New New Timber [nnt]

by azekill_DIABLO » Post

cool mod :) even if this has two years old

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