Hard Parkour

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Hard Parkour

by Ice » Post

Hard parkour

I created this parkour only for very good players.
So if you are bad at parkours i would not recommend this

There are 4 rules
1. Dont destroy blocks
2. Dont use fly, speed or sethome or other methods to bypass the parkour
3. Play in 5.0.0 or higher and dont use the sneak glitch mod as this parkour is meant to be done without the sneak glitch.
(You can still use the normal sneak of course that you find in every server)
4. Play with damage disabled and no creative

There are 5 sectors in this parkour. It starts out easy and gets progressively harder.

Every jump is possible and i have completed a harder version of this parkour so it will be possible if you are good enough

You may play on versions below 5.0.0 or install the sneak glitch mod if it is too hard and you still wanna play it. As the parkour is way easier with the sneak glitch.

The 4 rules are just there for those who want a challenge. You can do whatever you want obviously.

Here is the download of the map

https://www.mediafire.com/file/o12jvpn4 ... r.zip/file

Here are some screenshots of the map
Screenshot_819.png (1014.09 KiB) Viewed 687 times
Screenshot_820.png (853.75 KiB) Viewed 687 times

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Re: Hard Parkour

by Skamiz Kazzarch » Post

Can confirm. Map is indeed very hard.
I have been trying it on and off pretty much since the release day and finally finished it just now.

Difficulty scales exponentially. First three level were very easy. The fourth gave me some pause and I spent some 10 to 20 minutes on it. The last took me until today.

A lot of the difficulty came from it being very long with no checkpoints and new, harder jumps being introduced the further I got. Having to put a lot of effort into actually getting to a new jump only to have a single try at it and having to reclimb all the way back up was incredibly frustrating. At which point I started switching to a creative world where I could try out the various components in isolation, without having to redo everything each time. Definitively would recommend this approach to other players.

On the other hand there was a lot of interesting jumps that I have never seen before, some of which I would have said are impossible just from looking at them. That was a lot of fun figuring them out.
I am now a lot better at Minetest parkour then I was when I started.

Minor nitpick: If you tell the player to use '/time' it would be nice to actually have the necessary priv for it to start with.

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Re: Hard Parkour

by KnightofDoom » Post

It took me 2 months to complete this. Name doesnt lie

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