Athens (5th Century BC)

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Re: Athens (5th Century BC)

by solars » Post

Get well soon!
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Re: Athens (5th Century BC)

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This looks really cool!
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Re: Athens (5th Century BC)

by Phoenixflo44 » Post

I like this thread. There is a lot of work behind. Keep it up.
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Re: Athens (5th Century BC)

by captpete » Post

I've had to stop working on my worlds for awhile. I have had AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) for about 10 years now and recently had a bout, affecting my left eye, of the "wet" variety. This has drastically affected my sight in that eye - I can not see very well at all and the darkened area in the center is very large. I have had several needles in my eye to stop the progress and my last one was a month ago with my next scheduled for December. I have no depth perception and glasses can not correct for AMD so I got a larger monitor ("32") and am trying to work with that. My right eye is currently the dry version and the darkened area is basically a shadow so I can still see out of that one as long as I have very bright light.

The crux of the matter is that I am still working on the worlds but It will be slow going from now on. I have three current projects: Athens, Greece in the 5th Century BC; Posedonia/Paestum, SW Italy in the 3rd Century AD; and the Bastides (Planned Cities) of Dordogne\Lot-et-Garonne, France in the 13th Century AD. You can see one of the six bastides (preliminary) here: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=16794. Thanks for your support and patience.

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Re: Athens (5th Century BC)

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I've greatly enjoyed following your builds and this news leave me sorry to hear this. Best wishes for you in your treatments.
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