prevent the disappearance of the Minetest world

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prevent the disappearance of the Minetest world

by alparaz » Fri Nov 30, 2018 14:26

hi everyone, I will buy tips on how to prevent the world from happening (you can keep it broken, you can't erase it)
1. You need to keep a backup of your world by searching the minetest-> world-> folder to find your world name and then copy the world you paste into another folder
2. Minetest's world can be damaged because of it
a mod advantage in the world
b. shut down the computer suddenly
c. excess memory in the world
and other.
this needs to be prevented
That is all and thank you
sorry with my english [u](i use google translate)

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Re: prevent the disappearance of the Minetest world

by Krock » Fri Nov 30, 2018 17:57

.. or use 5.0.0-dev and set up the existing map as read-only so that write corruptions and mod changes may never touch the saved map.

EDIT: You're STILL posting in the wrong neighbourhood. Please finally post your stuff in the right forum, which is General Discussion or Maps in this case.
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