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[Survival/Adventure Map] The Flooded World

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 14:59
by TakeAShower
Hi guys, this is my first time on the forum.
I just made a new map with Minetest (default game) that requires the Nether mod (built in using worldmods).

Basically, it's just a regular map, with one major twist - the entire map is underwater! Your mission is to activate a nether portal. Doing so is difficult - you are given a bucket at the start and must collect lava from caves to turn into obsidian to make the portal. You start with 1 bucket, 30 Glowstone and 30 Torches. Good luck!


Edit: I just discovered a way anybody can do this easily:
1.Create a map, and do not play it, just click create.
2.Close Minetest, and navigate to your worlds folder using a file manager
3.Open the folder with the same name as your world, and then open the file called "map_meta.txt"
4.The file should not be that large, just edit the variable "water_level", which will be equal to 1. Change it to 1000.
In other words, find this:
water_level = 1
and change it to:
water_level = 1000
5. Save the file, and open up Minetest. Make sure you are on creative mode with damage disabled.
6. You will either spawn just underground or in a low-lying cave. Make a base and give the player some starting items.
7. Empty your inventory by shift-clicking everything to delete it.
8. Leave the world and re-enter in survival with damage enabled
9. Enjoy!

Re: [Survival/Adventure Map] The Flooded World

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 20:11
by voxelproof
Ha, ha , good as hell :)) Hit the bottom and don't stop.