Import 3D model to Minetest

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Import 3D model to Minetest

by Lulgius » Wed Feb 27, 2019 09:38

Helle every one ! (Sorry for my english, I'm french.)
I need your help, please. I work in a digital association and I want make an activity with kids, where they could create a 3D model on Magika Voxel or TInkercad and import it into Minetest. I see that Tinkercad incorporate directly this function in their software, but only for Minecraft. It export into .shematic format. So my question is : how can import kids 3D model into Minetest ?
On the Minetest Wiki, I see that exist a tutorial on import 3D model made by Blender into Minetest. But, it's to create an animated model, and I just want to create static building with them.
If you know how to do that, my association will be infinitely grateful ^^

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Re: Import 3D model to Minetest

by sofar » Wed Feb 27, 2019 19:58

Minetest can use .x, .b3d (supports animations) and .obj (doesn't support animations) model formats. Almost all modelling programs can export to .obj format, so that would seem to be a good choice.

You just have to find out if blender can read your model format, because it can export to .obj. Alternatively, there may be other programs that can export to .obj from your format.

Edit: looks like tinkercad can export directly to .obj format.

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Re: Import 3D model to Minetest

by twoelk » Wed Feb 27, 2019 20:10

You may like to check the file formats list at "On file Formats" on the Using Blender page on the wiki. The "static objects" section would be what you could study and maybe validate some of the entrys as to their usefullness.

btw, what formats does TinkerCad export to?
Sadly mc and mt schematics are not compatible but there are converters to import mc map content into mt.

Blender can open Collada files so there is a possabillity to import content from Sketchup. You will have to create new UV-mapping in Blender though iirc.

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Re: Import 3D model to Minetest

by Sokomine » Sun Mar 10, 2019 03:11

My handle_schematics mod can read Minecraft .schematic files to some degree. It may be necessary to decompress them first. And I can't guarantee support for all possible types of .schematic files. But it may be worth a try.
A list of my mods can be found here.

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