[Game][Map] ShadMOrdre's MTGameDev FULL

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[Game][Map] ShadMOrdre's MTGameDev FULL

by ShadMOrdre » Sun Jun 30, 2019 23:47

ShadMOrdre's MTGameDev

This is my current development package. There are many mods, with many plans for them. At the moment, there is game playability, but some things may be broken.

This will be a rolling release, as mods are updated. Once complete, this will be released as a game.

Included are the world, (via map_meta.txt and world.mt), and the mods that make up my in-dev game.

If you download this from github, you will need to further extract the zip files found in the /WORLD_FOLDER/game/mods folder. Due to github having a 25MB file size limit, the mods that compose this "game" world have been packaged into separate mod packs, each zipping up to under 25MB, and organized in a sane way.

Please take a peek, share your thoughts.

ShadMOrdre's MTGameDev FULL


MY MODS: lib_ecology lib_materials lib_clouds lib_node_shapes ---- Inspired By: Open Source Virtual World Simulator Opensimulator.

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