Tardis map I've been working on

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Tardis map I've been working on

by LodeRunner13 » Fri Nov 15, 2019 23:38

I recently thought it would be a cool idea to build the Tardis from Doctor Who in Minetest. So far it has:
-An exterior (obviously)
-A main control room
-A Swimming pool/ Hot tub room
-A "Core Room"

The interior of it isn't based off of any other tardises, and I'm going to add more rooms soon.


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Re: Tardis map I've been working on

by Sokomine » Sun Nov 17, 2019 20:24

Some screenshots would be nice, especially since downloading from mediafire is often problematic (requires JavaScript it seems). Better save it as an .mts schematic and post it here as a forum attachment like in the share-your-worldedit-files thread.

I've also built a tardis control room some time ago as the spawn for the Gallifrey server:
(375.27 KiB) Not downloaded yet
A list of my mods can be found here.

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