Island Map Seed

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Island Map Seed

by irksomeduck » Post

It's great to have an island to live on in Minetest, so after a bit of searching around, I found a decent sized island on the world seed "1". It is half plains, half desert, but the two biomes are only connected by one block, so you can separate them pretty easily. The teleport code to said destination is

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The island has some trees and stuff, so you can easily start a survival mode game there. It would be an ideal place to start a spiral staircase mine. The island is in a sea of other small-ish islands, which can be connected together to make a mega island, but it would take some doing.

Sorry about lack of screenshots, I have no idea how to embed them or upload them.
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If you have a good seed let me know
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by tonyka » Post

Please make sure that the posts does not exist, before creating ...

regarding the screenshots just have to host them on a web server ... facebook even serve you, whenever you put with privacy options "public",copies the link of the image ... not the page of the image, and follow these instructions ...
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by Gage » Post

im makeing a survival island map thx for the seed ikrsomeduck

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by lenkman1 » Post

how do you teloprt there

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by Topywo » Post

lenkman1 wrote:how do you teloprt there
When playing server [tab]. Hit the T-key and then type: /teleport -498,9,55

When playing single player: Hit the T-key, then type: /grant singleplayer all (followed by an [ENTER]) and then type: /teleport -498,9,55

This is just one method, there are more.

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Re: Island Map Seed

by DetRellim » Post

There is some good news, below is a seed for V5 that gives you a whole bunch of islands. As a matter of fact you will emerge in the middle of one. There are a lot of trees, among so much more. Have fun!

Seed: 3109806141950473819 (Use with V5 for islands)

Hopefully someone could make a survival game out it. :-)

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