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by GloopMaster » Post

Was made after (and presumably because of) what i said.

That is all.

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Re: [Mod] Bookmarks [20120710] [bookmarks]

by AllanWindmill » Post

I have my own attempt on similar functions in case anyone is interested: https://github.com/Charles-Zhang-Minetest/LocMark. It uses mod storage.

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/lc: print this help message;
/lc all: print all named locations;
/lc add <name> (<description>): add/update a new named location;
/lc get <name>: get information (including coordinates and description if any) of a named location;
/lc goto <name>: teleport caller to the named location;
/lc teleport <player> <name>: teleport a player to a named location;
/lc delete <name>: delete a named location.
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