[Mod] 3D Furniture [1.0] [3dforniture]

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Re: [Mod] 3D Furniture [1.0] [3dforniture]

by Chibi ghost » Mon Jun 26, 2017 08:22

Ambrace wrote:Well, that's a bummer if it no longer works. I apologize for not clarifying. I forgot that the older versions were still used. I am on a Windows 7. I tried looking at that link already and I'm still confused. Like, do I install the whole folder in one area or do I install them in separate areas? No matter what I seem to due nothing works. Then again, I suppose it probably wouldn't work if the mods are old. =/ Do you know of any mods similar to this one?
this mod works for me but I feel that it shouldn't
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Re: [Mod] 3D Furniture [1.0] [3dforniture]

by TenPlus1 » Wed Jul 26, 2017 14:43

Being a tad out of date and breaking a few 0.4.15+ nodes (papyrus/tree) I thought that I would tinker with this mod and bring it a little up to date for those who still use it.


- Used override functions for tree so that leafdecay still works
- Used override function for papyrus so that dig_up still works
- Removed additional lamps and toilet from creative inventory
- Updated commands to work with 0.4.15 and above
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Re: [Mod] 3D Furniture [1.0] [3dforniture]

by ThomasMonroe » Wed Jul 26, 2017 14:53

Thanks Ten
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